Video Content Delivery


Reliable, fast, and performant multi-CDN support for video content delivery.


Optimized Cache Hit Ratios

Zype helps you maintain a high cache hit ratio to ensure lightning fast content delivery to your viewers
Streamline Processes

Streamline Processes

Use automated workflows and features to cut down repeatable tasks and streamline curation.

Performant and Reliable at Scale

Zype’s multi-CDN offering gives you peace of mind knowing your content is routed securely and at scale

Give your customers the video experience they demand on every endpoint.

Zype offers enterprise quality CDN support covering VOD, Live, and Linear video content delivery on a global scale. Our multi-CDN approach provides amazing geographic coverage across thousands of POPs.You determine transcoding and player settings to enable an automated adaptive bitrate stream that serves your audience the right video for their device, location, and internet connection.

Zype's content delivery network is engineered to be resilient and scalable, so you can stream your video to wherever your customer is, on whatever device they choose.

Deliver high-quality video globally

Deliver high-quality video globally

A global content delivery network for smooth video playback, no matter where viewers are located geographically.

Live streams are delivered by the best-in-class CDN with multiple quality settings available up to 1080p/60fps.

Any video, anywhere

Wherever your video lives right now — YouTube, syndicated content, raw video on a hard drive, or any other legacy online video platform — Zype ingests your content and makes it easy for you to deliver to your audience.

Zype Enterprise

Manage your video across every channel from a single, robust platform

  • The most powerful, flexible, and open video CMS and API in the market

  • The most connectors and integrations available

  • Distribute broadcast-quality virtual linear live IP-delivered streams

*Usage fees not included