Capture exciting moments from live programs. Deliver instantly to a wide audience.

Clip Studio allows you to make the most of the commercial value of your owned content by creating clips and highlight reels from live feeds, without the need for technical skills.

Wildmoka Clip Studio Functionality

Be the first to publish everywhere with the right story

Wildmoka Clip Studio - Icon (Create and publish clips)

Create and publish clips and highlight reels at speed and at scale

Simple browser-based clipping tool for non-technical storytellers, allowing content production from anywhere, at any time.

Wildmoka Clip Studio - Icon (Enable Efficiency for Editorial Teams)

Enable efficiency for editorial teams with automation tools

AI/ML-based assisted content creation further improves speed.

Wildmoka Clip Studio - Icon (Monetize Content with Overlays)

Monetize content with overlays, B-rolls, or ad insertion triggers

Feature-rich editor with advanced functionality such as close-captioning, graphics, b-rolls, template enforcement, ratio adjustment, exclusion zones, and more.

Wildmoka Clip Studio - Icon (Get Started Quickly)

Get started quickly, without technical skills

Easy to use for operational, non-technical teams, no software installation - just a web browser and 3-5 Mbps internet connection are needed.


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