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Spinmaster AWS

Spin Master powers 24/7 live channels for their beloved toy brand with Zype Playout

Toys and games
Create a 24/7 live linear video channel to engage with fans
Key Result
900% increase in monthly watch hours
Spin Master is a global toy and entertainment company with a diverse portfolio of children’s toys entertainment franchises, and digital games. Its brands include PAW Patrol, Tech Deck, Hatchimals, Etch A Sketch, and more. 

The situation

A new way to capture engagement

Spin Master recognized an opportunity to engage more viewers by providing a lean-back viewing experience across a social platform their target consumer base was spending more time with - YouTube Live.

They wanted to build and deploy 24/7 linear channels of non-stop kids’ content that could help create brand affinity and ultimately increase sales of their toy lines. The challenge was Spin Master did not have the infrastructure in-house to program, schedule, or distribute a live linear playout stream to this in-demand destination.

The solution

Channel programming and optimization

Since 2019, Spin Master has continuously expanded their digital reach to new audiences using Zype Playout to power linear channels on YouTube Live. Spin Master leverages Zype Playout to program and distribute six core playout channel live streams to YouTube Live where they engage fans with lean-back viewing experiences all while promoting their latest toys.

With Zype’s intuitive playout scheduling tool, Spin Master can easily schedule video content and repeat playlists or content blocks as needed for continuous programming. By using Zype Streaming Platform as their CMS, they are also able to centralize their assets, update metadata, and curate content for their playout playlists with ease.

The result

Maintain a 24/7 presence to drive engagement and sales

Through their YouTube Live channels, Spin Master has been able to increase their monthly watch hours by 900% and maintain a 24/7 presence for their viewers without the burden of continuously refreshing their content.

With an audience that spans over 7 million subscribers across channels, Spin Master’s playout streams also provide a rich opportunity for promotion so they can drive toy sales with seamless insertion of house ads.

Subscriber growth: 7 million+ subscribers across channels

Captivated audiences: 900% increase in monthly watch hours

Powered by AWS

Zype Playout is built around purpose-built AWS media services trusted by leading broadcasters and media and entertainment creators who want to create, transform, and deliver engaging video content to audiences around the world. 

Together, AWS and Zype Playout provide teams with the tools to build a reliable, robust cloud-based playout architecture for digital linear distribution. Whether for a 24/7 broadcast-quality experience or to drive awareness around a temporary event, Zype Playout on AWS can help content owners expand their reach and engage new audiences through a quality, lean-back programming experience.

The Spinmaster’s playout solution leverages a variety of AWS services like AWS S3 and AWS Elemental tools, in addition to the full-stack cloud programming and YouTube Live distribution provided by Zype Playout.