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SHG Living

How SHG living is expanding access to sustainable living programming

Expand distribution and reach new audiences
Zype Apps Creator, Zype Streaming Platform, and Zype Playout

Smart Healthy Green Living (SHG Living) features high-quality fun, entertaining, and educational content to shift consumers toward making healthier, greener home improvement product choices.

SHG Living is shaking up the $841+ billion US home improvement marketplace with content focused on many new innovative, green, and healthy products and solutions. Their mission is simple: what's healthy and good for people is healthy and good for the planet.

The situation

From web series to curated streaming app

What began in 2015 as a YouTube series named 'Sabine's New House' soon evolved into a dedicated platform that championed sustainable living.

In the spring of 2020, amidst the global upheaval caused by the pandemic, SHG Living made its official debut, initially focusing on topics like maintaining well-being during trying times, fostering home gardens, and undertaking home improvement projects. Instead of producing shows, they concentrated on curating high-quality programming from influencers focused on sustainable living.

To manage, monetize, and distribute video across web-based platforms, they chose to host their video content on Zype Streaming Platform, a cloud-based online video platform with a built-in CMS, CRM, embeddable HTML5 video player, tools for encoding, distribution to web-based platforms, and consumer and content analytics.

Along with Zype Apps Creator, a cloud-native, web-based, no-code app-building solution, they could create owned and operated applications, which they distributed to Connected TVs (Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Android TV, Samsung, and LG), mobile (Apple iOS, Android, Amazon), and their website.

Yet, despite the valuable content they offered to a world in desperate need of sustainable solutions, they wanted to continue expanding their outreach to new audiences beyond their owned-and-operated platforms.

The solution

Powering SHG Living's playout channel distribution with Zype Playout

SHG Living embarked on an innovative journey by venturing into the world of Free Ad-Supported Streaming Television (FAST). Utilizing the powerful capabilities of Zype Playout, a cloud-native, web-based playout solution used to program and schedule live or VOD content into linear channels, they found a solution that enabled them to create a digital linear channel with remarkable ease.

Zype Playout's horizontal timeline scheduler with drag-and-drop functionality streamlined the process of programming content. They could also deliver to third-party or owned-and-operated platforms with pre-, post, and mid-roll ad insertion, increasing content monetization opportunities. Native tools for creating dynamic graphics and channel branding overlays for their playout channels also played a pivotal role in enhancing viewer engagement, encouraging users to continue watching on the SHG Living app.

With Zype Playout, SHG Living has expanded their linear channel distribution to popular FAST platforms, including Freecast, Streemium, DingoTV, and others.

The result

Expanded access to sustainable living programming

The results of SHG Living's strategic foray into Free Ad-Supported Streaming Television (FAST) have been remarkable. Since adopting the Zype Playout solution, the channel has experienced a significant surge in viewership and brand recognition. The channel's newfound ability to create a digital linear channel effortlessly and distribute content to various streaming platforms for lean-back viewing experiences has allowed them to penetrate previously untapped audiences.

With their recent launch on LocalNow, TCL TV+, and more; along with upcoming launches on Google TV, Sling, LG Australia, and others, the future holds great promise for SHG Living, and concrete results will soon illustrate the extent of their success in promoting eco-conscious living through the FAST medium.

"We have been fortunate to establish an embedded relationship with several facets of the Backlight team which has resulted in dynamic experiences for our viewers,” Christopher Mohs, COO of SHG Living. “As we continue to rapidly grow, we are confident in the capabilities of the Backlight solutions to grow with us.”

Zype helps customers broaden their reach and maximize monetization

Whether you're a global brand or a new business looking to make a meaningful impact with customers, Zype Streaming can help you create pop-up or 24/7 digital linear channels from live or VOD content.

For SHGLiving, Zype Playout enabled them to turn their live and on-demand video content into digital linear channels for distribution to O&O or third-party platforms, expand engagement touchpoints to draw in new fans, and create more monetization opportunities.

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