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Fast Company

Fast Company uses Apps Creator to engage its audience with premium OTT video content


Fast Company engaged new audiences across OTT by launching native mobile and CTV apps.

With a keen eye on innovative technology, thought leadership and world changing ideas, Fast Company needed an app experience that mirrors their expertise. Most importantly, they wanted new audiences to be able to find them on all the most popular app stores and devices.

Fast Company relies on Apps Creator to build custom apps to engage new audiences with digital video content across mobile and OTT platforms.


As Fast Company shifted their business model from traditional print to digital and video, they were looking for a way to improve audience engagement. Enter Apps Creator.


With Apps Creator, Fast Company was able to publish content across mobile and OTT apps. This allowed them to build a connected, engaged audience to watch high quality videos and stream live events.


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Take your OTT experience to the next level with Apps Creator.