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Urban Brew Studios' winning play to enter streaming with a hybrid-cloud media system

Urban Brew Studios, a leading television studio based in Johannesburg, South Africa, faced a major turning point when streaming platforms started seeking collaborations with the company. Urban Brew faced the challenges posed by the upfront costs and the long setup times. This case study highlights how Urban Brew Studios overcame these obstacles and successfully embraced a hybrid cloud solution with the help of iconik, Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage, and Signiant,—delivered by solution partner Amafu Technologies.


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The partnership with iconik, Wasabi, and Signiant has been transformative for Urban Brew Studios. By adopting a hybrid cloud storage model, they found a budget-friendly alternative that provided room to grow. The efficient setup allowed the production team to offload footage quickly and effortlessly into iconik’s cloud-based Media Asset Manager (MAM), streamlining their operations.

The flexibility offered by cloud storage eliminated the need for extensive hardware investments, freeing up financial resources for other critical aspects of their business. With the newfound ability to easily expand storage as needed, Urban Brew can now take on more data-demanding projects and accommodate the rising trend of global streaming platforms in the region.

This case study was originally posted by Wasabi.

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