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Video: Giants of Africa chooses iconik and Backblaze to bring its media workflows to the cloud

Using the joint solution of iconik media management and Backblaze cloud storage has resulted in "night and day" media workflow improvements for Giants of Africa.

Case study summary video


Assets from NAS and cloud storage in one place

In their own words...

“Today, with youth education and empowerment at the center of our mission, we conduct camps and community outreach events with an emphasis on hard work, leadership and integrity. We also develop infrastructure to provide a place for youth to come together, to be inspired and to have a positive impact in their own communities for years to come.

Our aim is to not only develop basketball players, but future leaders, who feel inspired and empowered to Dream Big.”

- Giants of Africa


The Giants of Africa foundation (GOA) relies on its footage library to raise support and awareness for the work it does. To become more organized, GOA centralized their content and made it easy to search and collaborate on videos using iconik.

Ditching duplication workflows

Before, teams relied on single copies of their videos and the content was not centralized, which made it difficult to access. To work with these conditions, GOA used file duplication workflows where files needed to be duplicated to other locations before using them. 

This type of workflow can be time-consuming, and if not done correctly, it can lead to lost or corrupted data. Another pitfall of these workflows is that they can make it difficult to manage and keep track of versions.

With Backblaze B2 cloud storage, GOA's media is stored, backed up, and secured. And with iconik indexing it all, it's easier to find and share media with others with 24/7 access from any device. The result of this is a media archive that is extremely accessible, searchable and ready for teams to collaborate remotely in the cloud.

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This is media management for everyone!