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Video workflow automation with Zapier

Zype Streaming Platform offers a Zapier integration to help you automate your video workflows, including improving your video audience engagement and marketing integrations on Zapier's marketplace.


Quickly and easily connect your Zype Streaming Platform account to 1,000+ apps on the Zapier marketplace


The Zype app for Zapier supports triggers from Zype Streaming Platform based on:

  • Consumer creation and deletion
  • Consumer subscription purchase and cancellation
  • More triggers coming soon!

Use the Zype app for Zapier to:

  • Seamlessly add and manage customers in email marketing campaigns in your favorite email marketing tools
  • Easily send custom welcome, subscription purchase “thank you” and cancellation emails to customers
  • Automatically push notifications and announcements out to your audiences on social platforms

Want to learn more? Visit our help center to see prerequisites and learn about creating zaps on Zapier.

Harness the power of Zype Streaming Platform's video infrastructure