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Dynamic in-program native advertising for CTV

Zype Streaming Platform customers can create unique branded experiences within their playout channels by leveraging TripleLift’s CTV native advertising placements.

TripleLift’s in-show CTV ad unit inventory provides a better way for content owners to deliver ad-supported TV and branded experiences, all within the timeline of a show.

Best suited for:
Playout customers who want to provide seamlessly integrated native advertising experiences in CTV programming


Key benefits for Zype Streaming Platform customers

Create seamless native advertising solutions for CTV
TripleLift's programmatic CTV advertising solutions works across different device formats and platforms.
Monetize content in new ways with fewer ad breaks
Choose from different CTV ad formats like in-program native advertising, split screen spots, or lower third custom branded animations.
Ensure a brand-safe environment for advertisers
Native advertising leads to better engagement with ad creative for improved viewer retention and recognition.

See how using Zype Streaming Platform + TripleLift can enhance your video workflows