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Iconik enables hassle-free collaboration on media

Iconik makes it easy for global collaborators to share, create, and review and approve media from anywhere with 24/7 access to the media they need.


Media is created to share, so naturally, we’ve made it straightforward. Share with anyone—internal, external, iconik user, or non-user. You can invite them to share with a simple email link.

You will always be in control over who can access your media. Iconik will let you restrict or allow others to download and comment on your content. You can even set an expiration date on the share. If you shared the wrong thing, you can quickly revoke a share.

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Review and approve

Eliminate confusing feedback and stuffed inboxes with iconik’s review and approve feature. Communication around your video will be smooth to allow for fast approvals.
Invite anyone to review for free
Write time-based comments
Add time-based drawings



Global editorial workflow

Producing media can feel like a marathon with each person handing projects off to the next team member. In iconik, editors get a head start with immediate access to media from the cloud.

With the iconik panel for Adobe, editors can find and add assets to their projects. When they are ready, they can export the final render or edited versions back to iconik.

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Emmy-winning review meets accessible media management

Integrate with cineSync for Emmy-winning technology for real-time, synced reviews for high-res, HDR media. No artifacts, no dropped frames, and enhanced security with the most trusted review solution in Hollywood and beyond.