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Creative team management

Help your team raise the creative bar and be confident you have the resources needed to hit deadlines with cloud-based creative team management.

Creative team management for efficient production

Maximize your team’s time and create realistic schedules. Need to scale up? Detect hiring needs early and add freelancers to avoid costly delays.

Hit deadlines with creative team management

Learn how VFX Producers at Luma and CoSA VFX improve team productivity by eliminating downtime and avoiding overload.

Optimize work with creative team management

Increase efficiency – your entire team will know what they need to do and when across numerous ongoing projects, which helps artists to focus on being creative.

3 reasons your artists will love creative team management

Less stress
Create schedules with less time pressure and reduced crunch.
Elevate creativity
Reduce admin and help your artists to spend more time being creative.
Work/life balance
Create stable workloads so no one feels burned out or dominated by work.

Creative team management

Explore how you can manage your team in Ftrack

Try creative team management and create stunning work