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Creative project planning

Lay the groundwork for success with creative project planning. Track who’s working on what, manage time, and plan ahead for every deadline.

Create clear project plans and hit deadlines

Create simple yet deep project plans that flex around all projects and workflows. If the scope of the work changes, its easy to adjust your plan around it.

Guide your creatives through every project

Visualize your team’s time and see progress at a glance. Make sure no one is overloaded and predict future capacity requirements to avoid unexpected workload spikes.

Perfect for VFX producers

Watch Michael Perdew, VFX Producer at Luma Pictures and Jeremy Moore, Head of Production at CoSA VFX, reveal how they get organized with Ftrack.

3 reasons your team will love managing creative projects with Ftrack

Artists know what’s next
Your team knows exactly what they need to do and when—even if they’re remote.
Reduced stress
Forecast future needs, avoid downtime or bottlenecks, and plan for busy periods.
Optimized time
Plan to ensure departments collaborate at the right times during a project.

Visualize your creative project planning

Plan projects via a simple, accessible cloud-based interface.

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