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Focus on your story, not your tools

Your interactive experience deserves better than a spreadsheet.


Whether developing a complex RPG, commentary for a sports game, dialogue wheels, or contextual barks – if you have a story to tell and want to break down the boundaries between departments, Backlight Gem can help. 

Backlight Gem empowers designers, writers, narrative designers, audio engineers, and more to collaboratively write, plan, and manage narratives at scale. 


Improve pipeline, storyline, and bottom line

  • Write using a familiar screenplay editor.
  • Create branching possibilities with Backlight Gem’s “storymap.”
  • Build a dialogue data model that serves VO and LOC.
  • Manage even the longest scripts in a clear, accessible way.
  • Collaborate via a hub where everyone can work on narrative.
  • Integrate using Backlight Gem’s JSON model and REST API.

If you want to request a demo or have a question for the team, please fill out the form – we’ll be in touch!

Join other game-changing companies using Backight Gem

A writing solution with a difference

The only writing solution with a RESTful API
Weave dialogue into your game dev pipeline. Backlight Gem’s API means that every line of your script can be used to inform the choices made in your game dev tools.

Writing tools with two decades of evolution
Backlight Gem is designed to service writers. The platform’s screenplay-style editor is pulled directly from Celtx, the script-writing software for storytellers with 20 years of development.

We’re pipeline and game agnostic
Every production script can look, read, and feel different. That’s why Backlight Gem flexes to accommodate any kind of gaming experience. Our platform respects authorial intent first and foremost.

"We’ve been working with Gem for a while now, and the solution has proven an invaluable asset for streamlining our workflows at Humanoid Origin. The platform’s flexibility and adaptability have made it easier for us to bring our creative visions to life and ensure narrative plays a core role in development."
Caroline LivingstonePerformance Director, Humanoid Origin

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