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Zype Product Updates: Export Playout 2.0 Analytics Data, Podcast Support and Custom Fonts in Apps Creator, and more!

Check out the latest updates to the Zype enterprise video platform, including the latest enhancements to the video CMS, cloud playout and ott apps creator.

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Keara McCarthy30.06.20224 min read

We're focused on building the most comprehensive end-to-end video infrastructure platform available to help you increase engagement and monetization of content across all your streaming platforms. Read on for the latest product updates out this month and a preview of what’s to come next month.


New Enhancements to Playout 2.0

Save Time Using Draft Timeline Blocks in EPGs for Syndication

Many playout channel syndication providers require up to two weeks of future content be available in EPG feeds. In order to accommodate this discrepancy, Zype now allows customers to insert place-holder draft blocks for future schedules into a linear Playout channel timeline to meet EPG requirements without needing to schedule content for playback. This allows customers to more quickly deliver EPG guides that contain “drafts” of block content to serve as placeholders in order to meet these syndication requirements, without having to actually program the video assets into the blocks on the scheduler.

Example of the ability for the user to select “Draft Block Asset” after clicking the “+New” button.

Draft Block Creation

Example of the user filling out metadata for the new draft block asset

Creation of New Draft Block Asset with Metadata

The draft block successfully appearing in the asset panel after it’s created, and representation of draft block on the timeline

Draft Block on the Timeline

The draft block in the rundown

Draft Block in the Rundown

This feature will be enabled for all Playout 2.0 customers by default. In order to leverage this feature, customers just need to create new draft blocks in their Playout 2.0 timeline. For more information on how to create and edit a draft program block on the timeline, please refer to the Help Center article here.

Export Raw Playout Analytics Data to S3 or GCS

Thanks to new Playout 2.0 Analytics API refinements, now instead of receiving aggregated stream analytics data, you can export raw analytics data as a .CSV file and deliver it straight to your S3 or GCS bucket. Prior to this update, Playout 2.0 customers could only receive summary data via API calls. 

.CSV file of analytics data can then be used to create workflows for revenue splits and royalty reporting, scheduling analysis, and future scheduling optimizations.

Users can configure their Playout Analytics Export Settings on the CMS settings page, under the “Playout Settings” tab.

Example of New Playout Analytics Export Settings in Playout 2.0 for S3

Playout Analytics Export Settings

For more information on the type of Playout analytics data that can be sent, please refer to this help center article that provides analytics data definitions.

Recent Updates in Apps Creator

Podcast Support on Mobile Platforms

Did you know that digital audio accounts for 12.7% of overall media time among US adults? A recent study from eMarketer projects that in 2022 and beyond, adults will spend more time each day listening to digital audio than they will watching subscription OTT services, using social networks, using tablets, or watching videos on their smartphones. If you want to get on the podcast train to tap into the most popular form of digital audio, Apps Creator can help you distribute your podcast content in a quality, branded app experience.

With the release of the new version of Apps Creator, podcast formats are now supported on mobile platforms. Podcasts can be imported using Podcast RSS feeds and displayed using a custom podcast layout and player optimized for audio playback. This feature is currently available on mobile app platforms only. 

Zype Apps Creator Waypoint TV Podcast

For more information on podcast support in Zype Apps Creator, view our help center article here.

Customize Your Apps with Our Extended Font Support

Now all Apps Creator users can further customize their applications using standard Google Fonts and other custom fonts to create uniquely branded experiences. Custom fonts for use in apps can be managed within Apps Creator via the Design > Fonts page.

Applying custom fonts in Apps Creator

Custom Fonts in Gen 2





To learn how to use custom fonts in your application, read more in our help center article.

VIZIO Universal Search Feed Images Can be Automatically Generated

For customers using Apps Creator to deliver content to VIZIO, the platform requires that all apps include an image in the 2:3 ratio that can be used for “universal search” purposes. If a customer has no such image available, Apps Creator can now generate a compliant image automatically. This capability of Apps Creator to auto-generate images ensures customers’ apps are compliant with VIZIO specifications.

Coming Soon!

We’re not done innovating our product offering! Here’s a preview of some enhancements we’re working on this month:

  • Event-based CMS webhooks in Zype’s Streaming Platform - Soon users will be able to add additional event-based CMS webhooks to Zype’s current set of CRM webhooks, improving the developer experience by making it possible to build lightweight webhook-based integrations into CMS products

If you want to learn more about Zype and the products we offer to help content owners and distributors achieve their OTT goals, check out our newly launched Resource Center with links to previous webinars and downloadable assets such as eBooks, research reports and more.

Have questions, feedback or additional requests? Please contact us!

Happy Streaming!

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