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Wildmoka partners with Livelike

Live and near-live video from the biggest events now delivered to viewers faster with added interactivity, polls, games, and more.

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Catherine Cywinska14.02.20223 min read

Livelike and Wildmoka partner to take audience experience and engagement to the next level

Live and near-live video from the biggest events now delivered to viewers faster with added interactivity, polls, games, and more.


LiveLike, a technology company dedicated to empowering digital experiences, has partnered with Wildmoka, a leader in video hyper-production and distribution on digital, to integrate their strengths in one offering. LiveLike’s audience engagement platform allows media companies to bring community, interactivity, and gamification to fans. The new partnership with Wildmoka will now allow partners to have Wildmoka's Digital Media Factory near live clips automatically plugged into their timeline, facilitating the operators work and enhancing the end user experience. Media companies can now differentiate themselves by not only being the first to publish but also by delivering a superior viewer experience and engagement.


Livelike OK

More than 100 media broadcasters globally in the news and sports industries use Wildmoka to feed their OTT apps, web portals, and social accounts with live streams, highlight reels and near-live clips. The SaaS solution allows publishers to benefit from the latest cloud-native and AI/ML technologies to make every possible type of content available in any format to any digital destination in seconds. These powerful content creation capabilities can now be enriched with the best-in-class audience engagement capabilities provided by LiveLike.

LiveLike’s cutting-edge approach enables its partners to activate and empower their audiences via customized, interactive features. Their engagement suite offers a wide range of fully customizable and easily integrable engagement tools ranging from live chats, polls, and quizzes to prediction meters, leadership boards and more. In the past two years alone, LiveLike has seen its audience engagement platform utilized by the likes of the NFL, the NBA, the Golden State Warriors, NASCAR, WarnerMedia, FOX, and more.

Matt Loreille, CMO at Wildmoka said: “The pace at which digital broadcasting is evolving just keeps accelerating, keeping one key metric in mind: constantly improving the viewer experience and engagement. This is where Wildmoka and LiveLike, when combined, deliver key advantages. While the Wildmoka Digital Media Factory allows editors to produce more content at speed, the LiveLike solution leverages it with a full suite of engagement mechanisms that maximize the viewers’ experience and satisfaction levels”.

Samuel Westberg, CCO at LiveLike, added “Wildmoka is a first-in-class media production platform that has won the trust of some of the biggest broadcasters in the industry. Plugging their Digital Media Factory with our interactive capabilities is a further step to automating workflows for our partners who can use LiveLike as their one-stop shop for retention strategies.”

About LiveLike

LiveLike is a technology company dedicated to empowering digital experiences that enable deeper fan engagement, increased retention rates, and new monetization opportunities. LiveLike’s audience engagement platform and gamification engine help top sports organizations and media companies to enhance the fan experience, increase the time spent interacting with their content, and unlock the power of first-party data. Through customized interactive and social features, LiveLike has connected fans to some of the biggest live events around the world, from the Super Bowl, FIFA World Cup, and NCAA March Madness, to concerts, festivals, and the U.S. presidential debates. Additionally, the company is actively expanding into new industries, bringing its technology to edtech, fintech, e-commerce, and publishing, with more to come. Headquartered in New York, LiveLike also has offices in India, Europe, and Canada, with staff located worldwide. For more information about LiveLike technology, partnerships and more, visit

Livelike media contact:

Matt Biscuiti or Kevin Broderick
The Lippin Group


About Wildmoka

Wildmoka has established itself as the platform of choice for creation of digital content from Sport, News and Radio. Leveraging cloud technology with unparalleled expertise in artificial intelligence applied to media, Wildmoka’s platform has been adopted by more than 100 broadcasters and rights holders around the world. Some of the world’s largest brands rely on Wildmoka for coverage of their biggest events globally.


The speed and ease of use of the platform enables broadcasters to create an unlimited amount of digital content such as live streams, clips, replays, match and interview summaries.  All of this content can be distributed in one-click to any digital channels including web, mobile, OTT and social networks.


Wildmoka media contact:
Catherine Cywinska
+33 07 64 89 14 79


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