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Wildmoka and Wochit to Launch New Integration to Give Users Even Better Live Video Editing Powers (Clone)

Wildmoka and Wochit launch new integration to be launched at IBC2018

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Raflin Sarkisyan09.11.203 min read



Wildmoka and Wochit are true corporate soul mates - two organizations with a shared vision, mission, and passion: to propel professional broadcast video production into the 21st century by making it easier and more cost-effective than ever for publishers to produce professional grade video content that meets the demands of today’s digital native, social consumers.

We are delighted to announce a new collaboration between our two companies. Learn how it will make live video editing and sharing even better.

Wochit : Video Production on Autopilot

Wochit is a predictive cloud video creation platform that empowers any storyteller, regardless of experience or skill, to create high-impact videos at scale and with unprecedented speed. Wochit's holistic solution combines a deep knowledge of digital video production processes and audience preferences, enabling them to quickly create unique videos, that reflect their brand.

The result? High-quality video clips with great production values, optimized for modern social media formats. Now all publishers - from newspapers to TV broadcasters - can seize the lucrative opportunity that straight-to-social video represents for their advertisers.

Wildmoka: Amazing Moments, Straight to Social

Wildmoka empowers right holders to monetize their live content by ensuring a highly personalized digital experience and automatically tailoring their storytelling to all digital channels and audiences. By using next-gen technologies like speech-to-text, video recognition, and machine learning, we provide the most intuitive tool on the market that seamlessly integrates into an existing workflow to help editors give viewers what they really want: instant access to best highlights.

The objective: to enable TV networks and broadcasters to reach today’s video audiences where they are watching - online - by seeding their social channels with the best and most interesting moments of a broadcast, on the fly, in real time, in the right format.

Our New Workflow Gives Users Superpowers!

We are excited to announce our new integrated workflow which combines the strengths of Wildmoka and Wochit and represents a huge advantage for our respective user bases.

The European Broadcasting Union and its members were already able to get a first glimpse at the integration. During the European Championships, users clipped highlights from up to eight live streams and made it available for rapid editing on the Wochit platform.

Wochit’s 600 customers are now able to directly ingest video clips from Wildmoka and edit them into complete and appealing video segments drawing from Wochit’s extensive library of over 100 million commercial and editorial rights-cleared images. By combining both content sources, the opportunities for creative excellence and compelling story-telling are intensified. After editing on Wochit, the new video can be automatically ingested by Wildmoka to automatically or manually distribute it to all digital channels.

Jo Schmaltz, Global Head of Content Partnerships at Wochit, commented: “It’s very important for our customers to be able to work seamlessly with the best platforms in the video ecosystem, from creation to production and distribution - and we are delighted to see the interface between Wildmoka and Wochit already in use by some of our most important clients."

WiIdmoka users will now be able to create content from live streams and combine the clips with videos from Wochit. By using the power of Wildmoka’s distribution templates, the parallel publication of the final video to all social networks and the client’s web and mobile apps is just one click away - or even completely automated.

Jakob Hummes, VP of Business Development at Wildmoka added: “This is a truly winning combination - customers can now mash-up the clips from their own live streams with the licensed videos from media curators. We’re really glad to be able to offer the possibility for editors and journalists to quickly and easily assemble highly topical videos in sport, news, and entertainment and we can’t wait to hear their thoughts about this integration.”


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