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Speed up your live publishing: are you as quick as your viewers would like you to be?

Fans increasingly expect to receive the best content they want to see immediately. Are you the fastest one to publish best highlights on their favorite platforms?

Broadcast Operator , Content Distribution
Raflin Sarkisyan20.07.20182 min read

Patience you must have

If there is one quintessential character trait of the 21st-century man, it is without any doubt the lack of patience.
Let’s face it – even if we know that patience is a virtue, we are constantly lacking it. Haven’t we all shouted at our computer when it’s slow at least once? Hey - I didn’t say I was proud of it.

And it goes for everything – from the speed of Wi-Fi to Amazon deliveries, traffic, queueing in supermarkets… Moreover, this perpetual need for instant gratification has now reached the world of live broadcasting. Viewers demand immediate updates – instantly and on their favorite platforms.

Your digital audience demands more than quality content

If in the past it was enough to produce high-quality content and to stream it on TV, there is now a clear demand from digital-addicts for faster and more personalized ways to access it. If we schematize the evolution of live video consumption, it would look like this:

Clearly, the role of social media has dramatically increased in video content consumption. Naturally, it also enables you to multiply your monetization opportunities. Today 400 hours of videos are published each minute on Facebook, meaning 600,000 hours in 24h.

Consequently, if you are unable to deliver near-live highlights from breaking news or sports events on social media, your content may never be seen. Also, the loyalty of viewers on digital could instantly shift towards competitors who deliver updates more quickly. In the US only, the percentage of people saying they use social media as a source of news has almost doubled since 2013, rising to 46%. What can you do to keep up with your audience's demand for social media content?

Live clipping is fast; Automation is faster

As we already know, fans increasingly expect to receive the best content they want to see, immediately and without any time lapse. Clips from last night’s game could be lost or never viewed nor valued.

But when you have hundreds of actions per live event, it becomes impossible to clip & publish manually. Editing large amounts of content is extremely time-consuming (you will definitely end up losing your patience!).

Surely, quantity and immediacy of live video content are keys. However, quality and differentiation remain the main pillars of live broadcasting success. Therefore, you could use the talent of your editorial team to create meaningful content and save precious time by automating the process. Providing them with the right workflow automation could help them manage the speed and volume of publishing and satisfy the viewers’ demands.

At Wildmoka we believe that content is the King and high-speed delivery of that content is Queen. Our platform could enable you to automatically detect a key moment, to clip and publish it. It supports Content Owners & Rights Holders in their effort to give fans what they really want – instant access to best highlights.

We’d love the chance to discuss how we could help you become the fastest one to publish the greatest moments from Live TV and create user engagement around your brand. Drop us an email and we will tell you more.


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