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Boost your brand with Twitter Live streaming (and two clicks of Wildmoka) (Clone)

Everyone loves live streaming content. It's exciting, it's fresh and as it turns out, 20% of videos on Facebook are live. Get in touch to learn how to leverage our Live publishing on Twitter!

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Raflin Sarkisyan09.11.202 min read


Stream, edit & share at a faster clip.
Multiple destinations.
In seconds.

Everyone loves live streaming content. It's exciting, it's fresh and as it turns out, 20% of videos on Facebook are live. With Facebook's push towards live streaming and Twitter recently enhancing their capabilities to leverage their Periscope application, as an editor you might begin to wonder how you could just focus on creating powerful storytelling without needing a degree in geek studies to succeed.


Storytelling that suits your style

At Wildmoka we understand how complex your publishing business can be, even though all you really want to do is tell a really great story on a really tight deadline. We also know what many companies like yours go through to cobble together a coherent workflow with encoders, cloud- transcoding, live streaming, video clipping, social media, OTT platforms, web players, mobile video optimization from multiple platforms, tools, vendors and so on.

We could make that easy for you with a single platform that has all the digital publishing tools you need and a support team that shows you how to clip, edit and publish to multiple destinations automatically in seconds.


Lights, camera... and you are ready for action! 

Our standard Live stream publishing allows you to publish a live stream directly to social media platforms. To make your content fancier, you can add overlays, dynamic graphics, watermarks and insert video mid-roll.

You can dress up your story however it suits you, and customize it for each of your audiences. For example, you can:

  •  Add graphics like overlays and watermarks on your social media streams.
  • Use different graphics for different destinations. You want to add a lower-third graphic and text to your Facebook page while publishing the same stream to Twitter with a watermark logo in the upper right corner? No problem.
  • Compose and preview graphic overlays before you publish to the live stream. Wildmoka lets you see your story in a "preview" player, add your elements and then click "Go Live" to publish into your live stream instantly.


Let's talk Live publishing

Wildmoka enables users to publish live streams directly to multiple destinations - Twitter and Periscope, Facebook Live, Daily Motion, along with connections to Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) like Akamai.

We would love to tell you more and discuss how you could leverage our platform's capabilities to boost your brand end power your storytelling!

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