Flex Your True Creativity Outside Of YouTube Without Leaving It Behind

By Chris Smith on October 07, 2016


Creators using YouTube have a lot of tools at their disposal from the beginning, but nothing feels quite as liberating as the first time you simply try something new, put it on YouTube (for free!), and having it take off and turn into a thriving business. It’s your unique spin, your unique personality, and your unique content that brought all the views to the yard.

So YouTube rewards you for that and lets you earn money — while taking a slice of your money pie — but YouTube really, really only wants you to keep doing what works. Like a factory. A content factory, that outputs once a week or they keep your videos from surfacing too high in feeds.

If you can see yourself making the same exact videos you’re making now, but forever and without having you or your fans get bored with it, then great!

If you want to use your massive audience to switch things up and try something new, however… well, you might have to do it somewhere else.

And guess what?

That’s fine.

Evolution Is Key To Fighting Stagnation

Trying new things, eventually, benefits you and your viewers, even if you fail a few times.

Though you might be learning and growing from failure, YouTubeYouTube discourages it, because a money-making powerhouse that relies on OTHERS to produce its money-making content does not breed or embrace creativity past what is proven to work and sell. This turns you into a conveyor belt of the same content ( as long as it follows the rules), over and over.

While that sounds like it sucks (because who wants to be forever stuck in the same box?), we’re not about to tell you to abandon YouTube. Actually, we’re going to tell you to do the opposite:

Keep your YouTube running, and while satiating the service, point your viewers elsewhere to try your new ideas. Leverage your massive audience and turn them into paying customers in places — branded apps, websites, smart TVs, you name it — where you have the freedom to try whatever you’d like. Use new monetization methods where you don’t have to give up a piece of your money pie to bankroll whatever your brilliant content-oriented mind can come up with.

You can even put all your older content in these new destinations too, to keep fans from running back to YouTube. Keep your viewers in places where you’re making more money than ever before, and monetize your older content in the new ways you’re monetizing your new ideas, or mix it up and try something different for both. Keep YouTube around for discovery and continue to make money on those who stay behind.

At Zype, we can handle all of this, including mixing and matching monetization methods with a flip of a switch. We offer a clean way to accomplish your goals, including importing all your existing YT content & metadata, from an easy-to-use single-pane-of-glass dashboard. If you want to try something new and see if you can make money off of it, we can help you deliver your content — new and old — to the devices ( like AFTV, Apple TV, and Roku), self-branded apps, and websites you’ve been dreaming about. Keep the money you make, when you make it: no payment schedules or revenue sharing, and watch our robust analytics to see if your experiment is working or not.

Don’t leave YouTube: use it to drive fans and customers, and keep YT’s monetization going for as long as you want!

We’re sure you already believe us, but just in case: check out these impressive YouTubers already flexing their creativity in new ways without having to drop their YouTube accounts.

If this sounds awesome to you, check out more of what we have to offer and hit us up for a demo right here.

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