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Discover an all-encompassing suite of software solutions tailored for the sports industry that takes your video content beyond boundaries.

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Meet your audience where they are, the way they want

Connecting with fans in the moment is the foundation of creating a community of superfans. Our solutions allow you to meet your audience on their preferred platforms: social media, streaming services, your owned and operated app or website.

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Streamline your multiversioning, easily localize content

Catering to a global fan base means speaking their language, literally. Streamline your multiversioning –effortlessly adapting your live or on-demand video content for different languages and regions.

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Enrich the live experience around key events

The thrill of sports lies in its unpredictability. Capture and deliver those heart-pounding moments in near-real time, turning them into compelling clips and streams that let fans experience the action and ignite conversations.

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Maintain broadcast-quality across all digital platforms

Your audience deserves the best, no matter where they're watching. Maintain broadcast-quality standards across all digital platforms by effortlessly transforming linear feeds into mobile-first and social media formats for optimal viewing.

Flexible architecture for the moments that matter

With Backlight, you get nothing less than broadcast-grade, reliable infrastructure that can be scaled up or down for key events. Whether you need a pop-up channel created for dedicated tournament coverage, or want a 24/7 channel that provides fans always-on viewing of their favorite sport, Backlight has you covered.

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Maximize your monetization

Get the most out of your rights with solutions that help you maximize the monetization of your sports content. Insert slates, graphics, or dynamic ads to boost monetizable inventory. Identify in-stream ad breaks and drive better ad performance and revenue with our unique playout architecture that’s proven to boost ad render and delivery rates.

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