VOD Encoding

Great viewing experiences. Every time. On any device.

Optimize your video library so your audience enjoys your content, no matter where they are or what device they are using.

Great viewing experiences. Every time. On any device.

Encoding takes your existing digital video content and “translates” it into a variety of formats and quality levels that allows users to enjoy your content anywhere— in their living room streaming from a set-top box or on the go using their mobile device on a cellular network.


Encoding Formats

Encode to multiple formats including multi-bitrate adaptive streams that auto adjusts quality based on viewer bandwidth or manually selected quality level. Learn more >

Automated upload workflow

Once uploaded, your video is automatically encoded according to the predefined settings—no additional steps needed to ensure a consistent format across your content catalog. Learn more >

Control custom settings

Easily adjust encoding presets to determine the stream quality settings used for delivering content to your viewers. Learn more >

Live encoding

Deliver a single live stream for encoding to multiple formats before delivery for a high-quality viewing experience.

Make your live content into VOD immediately