Wired relies on Apps Creator to expand their tech-enthusiast audience across digital platforms.


A unique OTT channel experience across streaming devices.

Wired was founded in 1993 and has completely rebranded itself as a video-first platform. As a publisher with a very tech-savvy audience, they needed a suite of OTT apps that were advanced and sleek.

Wired relies on Apps Creator to build custom OTT apps that keep their audiences engaged and provide new monetization opportunities across digital platforms.


Wired wanted to reach new audiences through a video channel with easy-to-add content to keep its audience engaged.


Within 5 months, Wired launched an OTT app across tvOS, Roku, FireTV and AndroidTV platforms, increasing engagement by 5x. By using sponsored banners and video advertisements, Wired is now able to monetize more content than ever.


Take a look inside the app:


Here's what people had to say about it:

"This is one of the few magazines that are more enjoyable on [devices]. Care has been taken to develop a quality product for the reader. Keep up the good work!"


"Everything about this is amazing. It loads a lot faster than versions in the past. Hands down a great publication and app."


"I really think Wired is doing a great job of taking advantage of all the capabilities of digital publishing. The interactive elements are very well integrated and enhance the experience rather than distract from it."

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