How a Branded Streaming App Helped Engage Superfans and Drive Monetization

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Our customer, a global media company, manages some of the world’s leading print, digital, video, and social brands. However, even media giants need help bringing their content to the public. Luckily, Backlight Streaming was able to provide them with a robust, reliable solution to grow their impact and get more entertainment to new viewers. 


Media & Entertainment


Build and launch premium video streaming apps for their content across CTVs to create more engagement and monetization opportunities. 


Zype Apps Creator

The Problem

For many years, the global media company delivered content through its YouTube channel and relied on web syndication as its distribution model. 

But as they grew, they looked to create a more premium content offering for subscribers and fans. They wanted to create a more prominent, branded presence across streaming platforms with a lean-back entertainment experience for connected TVs (CTVs). Their team aligned on creating branded streaming apps for two of their prestigious brands—a food and entertaining publication and a technology-focused publication. 

While their internal tech team had experience creating and using video players for their owned and operated platforms, CTVs were a new space for them. For that reason, they wanted to pair with a vendor with the right expertise. They needed a partner they could rely on to create a premium app experience who could be flexible in meeting their needs. 

The Solution

The media company came to Backlight Streaming to help build and launch premium video streaming apps for their content across CTVs to create more engagement and monetization opportunities. 

Zype Apps Creator provided a no-code, easy-to-use app-building solution. By using Zype Apps Creator, the media company wouldn’t have to worry about learning to code to build a premium video product. Instead, they could launch with just an operations team and be nimble—they didn’t need a large tech team to create beautiful, engaging apps. 

Working with Zype made it easy for the media company to do everything in-house. Backlight Streaming partnered with the media company from the beginning of the project, paying attention to detail and feedback from their team on the type of product that would best suit their needs. At the end of the day, they had two streaming apps that everyone was excited about. 

Another feature of Zype Apps Creator that was especially appealing to the team was the ability to run sponsorships and logos for advertisers within the app. This proved an excellent way for the media company to capitalize on more monetization opportunities. 

The Result

Since working with Backlight Streaming to build streaming apps for its food and entertaining publication and its technology-focused publication, the media company has created a place where superfans can make meaningful connections with their brand. 

The opportunity to create content for highly-engaged audiences and monetize those experiences through branded content provided by advertising partners offers them a new revenue opportunity built on a premium content experience they have complete control over. And moving forward, they want these apps to live as content hubs through which fans can immerse themselves into content across Roku, AppleTV, Android TV, and Fire TV and are looking forward to expanding to Vizio and more platforms soon. 

Backlight Streaming Creates Awesome Video Services Customers Love

Whether you’re a global brand or a new business looking to make a meaningful impact with customers, Backlight Streaming can help you create awesome video experiences across major streaming platforms. 

For the media company, the apps allow superfans a dedicated place to go and watch content produced by their favorite titles and to go deeper into the branded experience. And with the support of a video distribution service like Backlight Streaming’s Zype Apps Creator, the possibilities for expansion are endless. 

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