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See Backlight Gem in action

Better pipeline management builds better games.

Backlight Gem revolutionizes the narrative content and design pipeline for game developers, infusing creativity and efficiency into every aspect of the storytelling process.

You can immerse yourself in the world of Backlight Gem through our comprehensive video walkthrough. Just fill out the form to explore the key features and innovative capabilities that make Backlight Gem an indispensable tool.

  • Introduction to Backlight Gem: Discover what sets Backlight Gem apart.
  • Kickstarting your project: Learn the ease of starting a new project in Backlight Gem.
  • Visualizing complex narratives: See how Backlight Gem's 'storymap' brings clarity and scalability to complex narrative structures.
  • Crafting engaging stories: Dive into creating immersive narrative content with our contextual script editor.
  • Intelligent narrative logic: Uncover how to add depth to your stories with logic elements like variables and conditions.
  • Collaborative team management: See a wildly collaborative environment that breaks down silos and enhances creativity.

Join us in redefining the future of interactive storytelling with Backlight Gem.

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Make your narrative vision a seamless reality in game development.