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Breeders' Cup

Grand Slam Social

How the Breeders' Cup amplified their reach with Wildmoka

Social media marketing
Boost content creation and distribution
Wildmoka Clip Studio
Grand Slam Social is a full-service social media marketing agency that is dedicated to supporting the horseracing industry. The team works closely with the Breeders’ Cup, one of the world’s greatest horseracing championships, to produce and promote clips, highlights, interviews, and other shoulder content on social. In 2020, they began using Wildmoka’s Clip Studio to radically scale up content production and supercharge engagement around the event.

The situation

Creating content at scale

Every year, the Breeders’ Cup grows in popularity. A large amount of video is produced around the event by Breeders’ Cup themselves, broadcasting partners NBC Sports and LTN, as well as by Grand Slam Social teams on the ground.

With many fans attending the annual weeklong event in November and a huge audience tuning in at home and online, the agency wanted to use more of this content to represent the Breeders’ Cup on social media.

Prior to adopting Wildmoka, getting all that content from multiple sources, editing it, and posting it was a slow and painful process. The Grand Slam Social team would need to sit in NBC Sports’ trailer, connect a laptop to their content management system, download video, edit it, then share it manually to each social media page

There simply weren’t enough hours in the day to create all the content Grand Slam Social wanted to produce and get it out to fans fast.

The solution

Amplifying Breeders' Cup content, everywhere

Grand Slam Social turned to Wildmoka to streamline their content production and distribution process. Wildmoka Clip Studio is a web-browser-based video editing and distribution tool for producing near-live clips and highlight reels, that allows users to tailor content to specific audiences and digital platforms. Clip Studio ingested video from all the live feeds and devices that Grand Slam Social was already using; and from there, editors could begin editing.

Clip Studio allowed Grand Slam Social to create multiple templates, pre- and post-rolls, advertising overlays, and other clip decoration. It was then simply a case of selecting key moments from races, interviews, or reactions, placing them in a template, and hitting ‘publish.’ With Wildmoka, Grand Slam Social could simultaneously distribute video content to all major social media platforms and the Breeders' Cup owned and operated platforms in the right formats and aspect ratios for optimal streaming across each digital destination.

The stats

+48% Net Audience Growth
+22% Impressions
<1 min Time to create and publish content

Using Clip Studio benefited the agency in multiple ways:

No new editors
Thanks to the speed at which Clip Studio allows the agency to edit and produce content, they’ve massively increased output without increasing headcount. 
Grand Slam Social can now ingest, edit and distribute content faster than ever before, meaning they always publish ahead of the competition. 
Increased betting handle
Grand Slam Social’s increase in output has led to higher engagement with the Breeders’ Cup, and betting handle has increased in parallel.
Enabling remote work
Because Clip Studio is available in the cloud, Grand Slam Social editors do not all need to be physically at the races to upload and edit content.
Easy to use
It takes less than one hour for Grand Slam Social editors to learn to use the platform. Wildmoka supports all technical steps, including ingesting content from multiple sources.

Wildmoka helps you amplify your social presence with powerful tools

Whether you’re a global brand or a new business looking to make a meaningful impact with customers, Wildmoka Clip Studio can help you amplify your social media presence.

The Breeders' Cup was able to reach audiences across social, increasing views and engagement while reducing the time to create and publish content across a wide range of platforms.

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