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Frequently asked questions

Project FAQs
  • What is Backlight Gem’s pricing?
    Please get in touch with us to discuss your project and needs.

  • Do I need to display the Backlight Gem logo in my game?
    All Backlight Gem licenses require a logo to be displayed on a splash screen. This can be waived for an additional fee.

  • Do you provide a Backlight Gem license for Educational or Personal use? 
    We’re working hard to ensure that Backlight Gem will be available to any interactive media creator. At this time, Backlight Gem is not available for Personal use or use in a classroom scenario. However, keep your eyes peeled for more news on this in the future.

    Backlight Gem is available for R&D purposes at Post-Secondary Institutions.

  • Do you provide a license for Backlight Gem outside of Games?
    Absolutely. Please get in touch to discuss your needs! 

  • What is the pricing for Backlight Gem for multiple studios throughout our network of developers? 
    Please connect with our team, and we can help define a custom MSA and pricing options.

  • What if our studio intends to have multiple projects running at different development stages?
    Please connect with our team, and we can help you define your plan.
  • Can we purchase a single module in Backlight Gem rather than the full platform? 
    Each module is specifically designed to complement your pipeline and is integrated together in defining your Narrative Management Solution. Additional modules may be available for purchase at an additional cost in the future.

  • Can we evaluate Backlight Gem prior to purchasing? 
    Currently, we are able to offer free trials with an Evaluation Period of 30 days. Typically our team offers a phased approach for evaluation for Design, Writing, Audio & Cinematics, and then Development.

  • Is it possible to get access to source code?
    As Backlight Gem is a cloud-based application, source code will not be available. Any plugins that we develop will be open source. 

  • Can we deploy Backlight Gem on our AWS, use our own storage or an on-prem installation?
    Not at this time. Under certain situations, Single-tenant AWS installations are available for an additional fee. 

  • Is Backlight Gem available in a desktop application, or have an offline mode? 
    Not at this time. Backlight Gem is 100% browser-based and requires an internet connection.
  • Is there a mobile application for Backlight Gem? 
    Not at this time. Projects can be accessed via a mobile browser but are not designed for use. 

  • Is Backlight Gem available for Commercial Partnerships? 
    We don’t currently have formal plans for Consultants, System Integrators, or Resellers to provide Backlight Gem on our behalf. We’d be happy to start a conversation about working together in the future. 

  • Will I be reminded when a current license is going to expire?
    Yes, you will be reminded 90 days prior to your renewal date of expiration of your license. 

  • Are multi-year terms available?
    Yes. We can discuss this during your Evaluation Period.

  • Where can I learn more about the Backlight Gem API?
    Watch the API webinar to get a high-level overview of the API, or dive into our API documentation here
Language FAQs
  • What languages does Backlight Gem support?
    Currently, the UX/UI of Backlight Gem officially supports English, French, German, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese. 

  • Can Backlight Gem Support Non-Latin Languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew, Arabic or Cyrillic? 
    Not at this time. Ensuring that Backlight Gem will work for non-latin languages would require extensive architectural changes that are currently not planned.
Support FAQs
  • Can you provide any documentation about Backlight Gem? 
    Please visit Documentation

  • Is there any documentation on Security about Backlight Gem?
    Please visit [Documentation] > [Security] for more information.