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Zype Product Updates: Event-Based CMS Webhooks, Expanded Asset Search Capabilities in Playout, “Zype Live” Integration with Apps Creator and more!

Check out the latest updates to the Zype enterprise video platform, including the latest enhancements to the video CMS, cloud playout and ott apps creator.

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Keara McCarthy29.07.20225 min read

We're focused on building the most comprehensive end-to-end video infrastructure platform available to help you increase engagement and monetization of content across all your streaming platforms. Read on for the latest product updates out this month and a preview of what’s to come next month.

New in Streaming Platform

Event-Based CMS Webhooks

Enterprise customers who have integrated with Zype’s API can take advantage of Zype’s webhook-based integrations available for CMS objects. Our CMS now supports lightweight webhook-based integrations so developers can build automated workflows and keep external platforms informed of changes related to specific targets and actions. Developers can receive webhook notifications at a target URL/server of their choosing based on common events within the Zype platform. Customers can receive automatic notifications via API when videos, playlists, categories and users have been created, updated or deleted in the Zype CMS. These event-based CMS webhooks have been added in addition to Zype’s current set of CRM webhooks. 

Set up your Webhook Events in Zype Admin Dashboard > Settings. 



Webhook-enabled integrations help developers create powerful integrations with the Zype platform, such as easily syncing data between Zype and their own databases, or triggering updates to consumer-facing applications based on webhook events. Webhooks make it easy to integrate Zype into complex video publishing workflows where multiple systems need to be kept up to date on changes to video inventory and data. Zype can inform external systems via API when data has changed and can automatically update. 

For more information on getting started with Zype’s webhook service, read more in our help center

Enhancements to Playout 2.0

Expanded Asset Search Capabilities for Efficient Channel Building

Now Playout 2.0 customers can more efficiently build a focused playout channel by leveraging advanced search capabilities to quickly surface certain asset types (videos, ads or bumpers) related to specific metadata values. Using the “Search Type” filter, customers can easily surface assets in the playout asset panel that contain specific metadata values (tied to either Keywords, Categories, Source ID, or Custom Attributes fields), replicating the same functionality as the search experience in the Zype CMS. 

Example search results for video asset that matches the Category of "Nature" 

Playout Improved Search Results _Nature example

Read our help center article for more details on how to leverage the improved asset search capabilities in Playout 2.0.

Protect Playout Streams with IP Address or User-Agent Blocking

Within our new “Playout Content Rules” settings section, Playout 2.0 customers now have the ability to block users by restricting IP addresses or blocking certain user-agents from requesting Playout manifests. This will allow customers to protect streams across regions by adjusting content rules to restrict unauthorized access to their playout manifests and mitigate activity from bad actors. Navigate to Settings > Playout Settings and add the blacklisted values into the Playout Content Rules settings to prevent end users that belong to either the IP addresses or agent groups from viewing the Playout channel.

 Establish blocking based on IP Addresses or User Agents

Playout Content Rules

For more information, please refer to the Help Center article on IP & User Agent Restriction.


Recent Updates in Apps Creator


“Zype Live” Integration for Automatic Event Creation 

When it comes to broadcasting a live event, the stakes are high and leveraging streaming technology that works seamlessly is essential for a good customer experience. Zype CMS customers who stream their live events using Zype Live benefit from greater efficiency when delivering those live streams to their apps created with Zype Apps Creator. Now when you create live events in Zype’s CMS, corresponding Event objects will automatically be created and cataloged in Apps Creator, and any changes to metadata such as start and end times will be synchronized. 

For more information on Events creation in Apps Creator, please refer to this help center article. 

 “Series” Objects Included in Search Results

End-users can now see Series (including Limited Series) displayed in search results when searching for content. When an end-user searches for specific metadata that is associated with a Series or Limited Series, the thumbnail and title of each will now be included in the search index for an end-user to easily click through to stream. With content objects that are tagged as Series or Limited Series now showing up in search results, end-users can see all content available related to the key terms they are searching for. This update enables customers to surface more content in their content library in search results so that end-users can binge on more of the content they love. 

Support for OAuth-Based Subscriber Databases 

Customers can now use any OAuth-compatible platform to integrate their subscriber database. Customers who use OAuth to maintain their subscriber databases can supply their OAuth credentials to activate a subscriber database integration with Apps Creator for specific regions. 

Via the new OAuth integration (and the related Auth0 integration that we are releasing at the same time), customers now have a developer-friendly option for integrating bespoke subscriber databases and the many existing platforms that already support the OAuth specification.

For more information on supported integrations available in Apps Creator, please see this help center article.

Zype Apps Creator Delete Account Button

End-User “Delete Account” Button 

Customers can now provide end-users with an in-app button that allows them to request the deletion of their app account.This back-end Apps Creator update means that a web service will automatically send Zype’s support team an email requesting the deletion of the users’ account once the “Delete Account” button has been activated by the end-user. The ability to allow customers to request deletion of their accounts keeps our customers’s apps in compliance with Apple’s recent regulations for submitting applications to its app store. 


Coming Soon!

We’re not done innovating our product offering! Here’s a preview of some enhancements we’re working on this month:

  • TripleLift Integration for Playout 2.0 Users - Zype Playout 2.0 customers can use TripleLift’s integration to provide unique, non-disruptive,  in-content brand advertising opportunities with CTV ads that are relevant to the end user and program.

If you want to learn more about Zype and the products we offer to help content owners and distributors achieve their OTT goals, check out our Resource Center with links to previous webinars and downloadable assets such as eBooks, research reports and more.

Have questions, feedback or additional requests? Please contact us!

Happy Streaming!

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