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Zype Product Updates: Granular access control, bulk-define custom attributes, cut-in playout publishing and more!

Read Zype product updates to discover the latest product news and updates from Zype's online video platform.

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Keara McCarthy29.12.20224 min read

We're focused on building the most comprehensive end-to-end video infrastructure platform available to help you increase engagement and monetization of content across all your streaming platforms. Read on for the latest Zype product updates out this month and a preview of what’s to come next month.


New in Streaming Platform

Apply Field-Level Access Control

Now Streaming Platform customers on Enterprise plans can safeguard operations by making sure that only users with the right authority level are able to see and edit the “Active/Inactive” video field in Zype Admin. This field indicates the state of videos available for end-users to view, allowing “Active” videos to be seen and played by the end-users, while hiding “Inactive” videos from view.  

This capability is important for customers who may have a lot of users working in their Zype property, and want to be able to prevent users with certain access levels from changing the availability of their video content to end-users. 

Currently this setting is only available for customers that have an Enterprise-level agreement. To access this setting, reach out to your customer success manager to have the ability to manage field-level access enabled in your Admin instance. 

Set Default Custom Attributes by Property

Using the Video Custom Attribute field, customers can bulk-define default custom metadata for all videos in a property, on a per-property basis, especially helpful to customers who have custom metadata needs. Streaming Platform customers can now set standard metadata fields up front at a property-level, and all assets within that property will contain a consistent set of custom metadata options. 

With this new feature, “Video Custom Attributes” metadata can be bulk-assigned to videos automatically from within Zype Admin. Providing a streamlined way to add metadata to all videos within a property, this new feature enables more efficient workflows and improves process automation for customers. 

To add a Default Custom Attribute in Zype Admin, go to “Settings” > “Custom Attributes” > “+ New Default Custom Attribute”. 

Default Custom Attributes Settings in Zype Admin

Screen-Shot-2022-12-27-at-4.44s (1) (1)

Each of the Default Custom Attributes set in this list will apply to all new videos created in a property moving forward. Within this window, you can also choose to bulk-add Default Custom Attributes to every video object in your property’s library.

Enhancements to Zype Playout

Cut-in to Published Content on Timeline

Now it’s even easier to make immediate changes and updates to your playout streams. Our new feature allows you to cut-in to content immediately on the Zype Playout timeline when clicking publish, instead of waiting for the currently playing asset to end. This allows for real-time updates of assets on the timeline to be published to the channel as soon as they happen, even if the asset has started playing, giving users more flexibility in publishing and updating channel assets on the fly. 

If you try to publish changes on the timeline of a channel after the time the affected asset is due to air, you’ll now receive a notification alerting to the fact that changes are being made to an asset that is currently live and in progress. 

Updates in Apps Creator

Inject Custom Scripts into Web Apps

Customers with Web Apps powered by Apps Creator now have the option to inject custom scripts into web apps which can power features such as tracking pixels and custom ad experiences. Javascript scripts can be injected into the header and footer of Apps Creator web app outputs to add tracking pixels that can provide customers with data on the end-user and lead to improved marketing and advertising capabilities. 

To enable this feature in your Apps Creator dashboard, go to “Manage > Platforms “ and choose to edit the Web Platform setup configuration.

Custom Script Injection in Zype Apps Creator Web Apps

Custom-Script-Injection_Apps-Creators (1) (1)

Scroll down to the new sections for “Custom Script Injection” and insert the desired scripts into the header and footer of the Web output. Note that injected scripts will only be inserted when the page is being accessed via a custom domain.

For more on how to enable custom script injection in your Web App, view this Help Center article.

Coming Soon!

Here’s a preview of some product enhancements we’re working on this month to further improve your video workflows:

  • Static Graphic Overlay - Zype Playout customers will have the ability to insert a static image graphic or logo on top of content playing through their linear channel

If you want to learn more about Zype and the products we offer to help content owners and distributors achieve their OTT goals, check out our newly launched Resource Center with links to previous webinars and downloadable assets such as eBooks, research reports and more. 

Have questions, feedback or additional requests? Please contact us!


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