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What's New at Zype - Feb 2016 Edition

What's New at Zype - Feb 2016 Edition

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Chris Smith12.02.20163 min read

Create your own Amazon Fire TV app and Roku channel, SVOD and AVOD on AFTV, import from YouTube playlists and more

Love is in the air and we have been hard at work cooking up these great updates to our platform and OTT offerings:

Video upload and search widgets for your website

Adding to our popular subscription embeddable widgets, users can now include Zype upload and search features from their own hosted sites. Just copy the embed code, paste onto your site, and you can upload videos directly to your Zype library or search your Zype video library content. Read the blog post and learn how to add this functionality to your own site.


Create your own Amazon Fire TV App

We’re always working to streamline the OTT app creation process. Zype’s new Amazon Fire TV App Builder makes it easier than ever for our customers to bundle Amazon Fire TV apps directly in the Zype dashboard. All you need to do is fill out a couple simple forms and then a code package is instantly generated and available for self-publishing. Read more on the blog or create your own Amazon Fire TV app right now!

Customize your own Amazon Fire TV App

SVOD and AVOD now on Amazon Fire TV

Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) and Ad-Supported Video on Demand (AVOD) are now supported on Amazon Fire TV! Native SVOD on AFTV means that your customers can initiate their subscription to your video channel directly from their Amazon account on the Amazon Fire TV device. Use cases include monetizing with AVOD (ad-supported video on demand) and offering additional ad-free locked content that is unlocked through AFTV native subscription.

Big improvements to Roku channel builder

The Roku automated bundling process has been updated and streamlined so more changes can originate directly from the Zype API. This means that you’ll be able to instantly update your Roku channel without having to repackage or re-submit your application to Roku. Plus, our new unified Roku SDK consolidates the available monetization SDKs into one configurable SDK. See how easy it is and create your own Roku channel right now.

Self-service ad tag management

Managing your ad tags in Zype is now easier than ever. Zype supports VAST and VPAID tags (including Google IMA). From the Zype dashboard, create new ad tags using your VAST and Google IMA URLs. You can even create and manage multiple ad tags that are unique for each device if you want to customize the ads served to your apps on the web, Roku, Apple TV and other devices. Manage your ad tags.

Import videos from your YouTube Playlists

Now you can add videos from your YouTube playlists directly to your Zype video library. This is particularly helpful for clients who only want to upload a portion of their YouTube channel. This means less clutter in your Zype video library AND less manual work. Of course, it’s still possible to connect your channel or upload one video at a time. With playlist imports, your structured data, including category metadata, is retained.

And the best part is - once you import your YouTube playlist, an “always-on” connection automatically adds new videos to Zype as they are added to your YouTube playlist, making imports of new videos completely hands-free. Learn about adding videos to Zype from YouTube.

mport videos from your YouTube Playlists

Direct access to streaming URLs

Admins can now get direct access to streaming URLs for videos with source of Zype and Vimeo PRO. You can snag the MP4 and HLS streaming URLs from the Zype dashboard, your MRSS feed, and our API.

Slate images for live events

Live events now feature a default slate image. A slate is a static image inserted into a live stream. Having a default slate shows users that the live stream embed is working but that the broadcast hasn’t started yet. The slate image can be updated under site settings.

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