Zype Product Updates: Enhanced Security with MFA, Live Video Scheduling and RTMP Destination Support in Playout 2.0 and more!

By The Zype Team on November 16, 2021

The Zype team is hard at work delivering the most comprehensive end-to-end video infrastructure platform available. Here are the latest product updates and a preview of what's to come next month.

Starting this month, Zype Account Owners can layer on additional security measures by enabling Multi-Factor Authentication for their organization’s Dashboard users. We’re also continuing to improve the performance and functionality of our new Playout 2.0 product, which the NAB Show just named a Product of the Year winner in the Best New Streaming Technology category. Here’s a look at the latest features released this past month:

Enhanced Platform Security with Multi-Factor Authentication

At Zype, we know how important security is to your business. That’s why we’ve increased the security of our Dashboard by providing the option to enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) upon login. MFA can be enabled by Account Owners who may choose to require MFA for their organizations. Once MFA is enabled, a user can select between text message or an authenticator application as the MFA factor for login and must verify the correct code before proceeding to their Zype Admin Dashboard. For more information on how to enable MFA, please see our Help Center article here.


New Features in Playout 2.0

Using Playout 2.0, customers are realizing the many revenue opportunities of digital linear streaming whether through building and launching FAST channels, creating pop-up programming stunts, or preparing slates of always-on content with repeatable content blocks. This past month we enhanced our Playout 2.0 offering with some new features, make it even easier to create engaging digital linear channels:

Live Video Scheduling - Customers can now easily intermix live video with VOD assets in a continuous programmatic live stream. Connect a live input to your Playout channel and schedule a live event on the timeline, allowing for play-through of a live video stream for a specified time block. During the programmed time period of the live event, the Playout 2.0 stream will accept a live stream for playback and a channel’s EPG will display the live video entry in standard formatting. In a few easy steps, set up a new live input source, create a new live asset and select source and duration, then program the live asset on either the base track in line after established programming blocks or place it on the priority track to cut in over existing programming. See demo video below for a visual of how to schedule a new live asset on the timeline. 


Midroll Enhancement - Playout video assets that contain midroll ad timings are now shown as one continuous asset, making curation of these assets easier in the UI timeline. 


For more information on midroll ad insertion, please see our Help Center article here.

RTMP Destination Support - Customers can now distribute Playout 2.0 streams to generic RTMP destinations in either 1080p or 720p. 

Source Asset Sync - Now you can easily and automatically update source assets between Zype CMS and Playout channels. With this feature, users can seamlessly update new branding or graphics within their videos without impacting their scheduling. Just re-sync the source assets for videos in your Playout 2.0 library and keep the library and channel programming intact while swapping in updated source assets.

Coming Soon!

We’re not done innovating our product offering! Here’s a preview of some enhancements we’re working on this month:

  • Enhanced Advertising Integrations in Playout 2.0 - Integration with MediaTailor Prefetch and TripleLift will create opportunities for more impactful ad inventory and higher ad monetization rates with in-stream product placement.
  • Playlist Feed Integration for Apps - Customers will be able to create playlist-level feeds within Zype, tailored to MAZ specs. Simply copy feed URLs from Zype playlists and paste them into MAZ to power app experiences.

Is there a feature you’d like to see that would help improve your video workflows? Please contact us!

The Zype Team

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