Why Our Acquisition of MAZ Systems Will Change the Game for Video Publishers

By Ed Laczynski on September 15, 2021

Today Zype announced its acquisition of MAZ Systems, a leading OTT app publishing platform for connected TV and mobile devices. The combined company is powering over 900 video apps and playout channels from a platform that serves over 15 billion video API requests per month.

This acquisition will change what it means for video publishers to launch a streaming service in today’s rapidly shifting environment, and empower Zype and MAZ customers with new tools and flexibility. Here’s our plan to impact the video publishing world:


The ability to stream video content anywhere, anytime and on any device is an essential part of a smart content business strategy. Our recent report on the video engineering gap proved how vital video is for businesses, with 92% of respondents agreeing that video is key for their company when it comes to customer engagement. Yet 66% of respondents from video-centric businesses feel that their management doesn’t even realize the complexities that go into video optimization and distribution. 

The network of devices that Zype and MAZ connects to allows enterprise video publishers to distribute content to over 2 billion people worldwide, and this network is growing every day with every new smart TV sold.  Now with MAZ’s app platform as an extension of Zype’s leading video API and infrastructure framework, we make it easier than ever to launch OTT TV and mobile video applications by leveraging cloud-based in-browser design and curation tools, backed by a viewing experience on par with top tier consumer platforms like Netflix and Hulu. Using Zype and MAZ for app building, publishing, and streaming, content providers can get to market quickly and bring their content directly to viewers on all of the platforms where people are streaming video, without in-house coding or design expertise. Our comprehensive joint solution costs as much as 4x less, yet improves implementation and go-to-market times by as much as 80% when compared to traditional multi-platform video distribution  methods.

Zype’s toolkit for packaging and monetizing content extends across all publishing endpoints, supporting a diverse range of video business models such as creating SVOD subscription plans, offering TVOD video rentals and purchases, as well as serving AVOD content monetized with video advertising.

Top-tier curation tools and content analytics enable video publishers to dynamically program the best content experience for their viewers and optimize for the performance and business metrics that matter.


Openness, flexibility, and connectivity have been part and parcel of Zype’s philosophy since our first video API launch in 2014. As Zype and MAZ both do today, our customers will have the flexibility to use some or all components of a modern, API-first platform, offering a modular approach to streaming architecture that highlights Zype’s commitment to an open and connected video ecosystem. Our suite of video connectors includes integrations with all major OTT/CTV distribution channels, and we integrate with 1000+ major SaaS platforms.

With MAZ, Zype now supports automated app publishing across all major mobile, tablet, connected TV, gaming console devices, and browser experiences including iOS, Android, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Samsung Tizen, Vizio, LG, Android TV, and Xbox. These app capabilities are in addition to Zype’s current support for streaming to digital and linear platforms including YouTube, Twitch, XUMO, Hulu + Live TV, Local Now, Samsung TV Plus, The Roku Channel, and PlutoTV.

Video publishers can leverage Zype and MAZ software along with their choice of online video platform, encoder, CDN, or video player, and integrate with their existing payment, customer data, and data management platforms. Now video publishers will benefit from access to even more endpoints, with integrated advertising and subscription connectivity along with video streaming capabilities that will allow them to scale their operations and business models with success. 


The video publishing landscape is continuously shifting and evolving, which makes it challenging for video publishers to maintain a top-tier video business strategy and experience. Whether its new streaming services that offer opportunities to reach new audiences, new technical standards to maintain a quality experience across all devices, or new business models that enable publishers to drive continuous revenue growth,  publishers need to be on a SaaS platform that will meet their needs today, as well as predict their needs into the future.

Zype’s Video API and automation, available in an affordable and scalable Software-as-a-Service model, is ready to evolve to meet our customers’ business needs thanks to a global team of experienced engineers, product designers, and customer support staff. The acquisition of MAZ extends our bench of like-minded experts ready and willing to adapt to new streaming market opportunities, standards, and business models.

By combining resources and deep technical expertise, Zype and MAZ together provide a joint solution that allows customers from enterprise clients to standalone content creators to leverage top-of-the-line live streaming infrastructure for their end-to-end video workflows spanning ingest, distribution, monetization, consumer management and analytics on their video streaming platforms across every consumer touchpoint.

MAZ customers will continue to have access to all services, in addition to Zype's full stack video API and infrastructure, including Zype’s Playout, CRM, and CMS solutions.  This includes all services including the MAZ Publishing platform that caters to customers focused on article based content. Zype’s deep roots in supporting complex content taxonomies and support for all media types - including article and image content - will enable us to present a comprehensive solution to enterprises as they make their journey towards a video-centric publishing transformation.   

As the infrastructure for digital video, Zype’s goal is to enable our customers to easily and seamlessly curate content in an intuitive way, so that they can focus on creating and monetizing engaging content experiences instead of worrying about the architecture behind their workflows.  With MAZ’s tools under our belt, Zype is primed to deliver an outstanding full service, end-to-end content delivery solution for all our clients.  

To read more on the acquisition, check out our press release here

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