Wildmoka – Selected by the Réseau Entreprendre as a 2014 Laureate

By Cristian Livadiotti on July 18, 2018


We are pleased to announce that Wildmoka has been selected by the Réseau Entreprendre as a 2014 Laureate, after unanimous approval by the selection committee. This nomination validates the potential shown by Wildmoka, as seen by a large group of successful entrepreneurs, business owners and CEOs.

Being part of the Réseau Entreprendre brings us several advantages:

  • Various sources of funding
  • A dedicated mentoring and support, during the first years of Wildmoka, from an accomplished entrepreneur selected as our mentor
  • More generally access to the wide network of Réseau Entreprendre, through an online social network or real-life meetings

The Reseau Entreprendre is one of the biggest Entrepreneurship Networks in France. Through 72 local associations, the network counts more than 13.000 young or accomplished entrepreneurs and CEOs, who are willing to share experiences and help each other in finding routes to success.

For more information visit www.reseau-entreprendre.org

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