Wildmoka is ready for its US road show

By Cristian Livadiotti on July 18, 2018

ustripsTo jump start our 2016 international development and pave the way for our next NAB SHOW, we will fly over to the US at the end of this month for a two-week road show.

As announced earlier in our 2M€ funding press release, one of our main goals is to position Wildmoka as a leading partner for US broadcasters & content owners. To do so, we decided to start 2016 with a US prospection trip to unveil our cutting edge technology dedicated to sports, and demonstrate our latest case studies and customer references.

We will be in the greater New York area during the first week (February 29th to March 5th), and then we will fly over to California, splitting our time between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

If you want to meet us to discuss your needs and watch our demos, feel free to contact us. If your schedule does not allow it, then let us schedule a meeting at the NAB SHOW on our booth: South Hall Lower, SL6605.

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