Wildmoka, Orange and Avisto awarded for their partnership

By Cristian Livadiotti on July 18, 2018

Wildmoka AlliancySince its early days, the alliance with Avisto, one of Advans Group’s subsidiaries, has marked for Wildmoka a fruitful partnership in its engineer staff recruitment and marketing strategy. Through a broad network of contacts and internal press resources, the company was empowered to rapidly grow, while being all the more opened to new opportunities.

Thus, working side by side with Orange fulfilled their vivid adaptability and led to this Open Innovation collaboration. By using Wildmoka’s Moments Sharing Solution, the exclusive TV Clipping apps, offered by the telecommunication giant and developed by Dotscreen, has created a disruptive launch on the Social TV market. Viewers are now able to clip and publish on social media any short extracts from a live TV show, in less than 30 seconds.

Also, being awarded the Alliancy Price has not only meant recognition but also confirmed the strength of both partnerships, whether in terms of product creation or brand awareness.

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