Wildmoka is nominated for the GLOMO awards 2017

By Cristian Livadiotti on July 19, 2018

Once again, Wildmoka, Orange & Dotscreen are nominated for their application “TV clipping” at the Glomo Awards 2017 during the Mobile World Congress.

The new Orange feature, jointly developed with Wildmoka & Dotscreen enables users to clip TV moments from a broadcast in progress. Viewers can then comment and share these clips in real-time through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. They can also enjoy “most shared” highlights clipped by other users.

“The new Social Sharing service is a successful illustration of our open approach to innovation between a great operator and a start-up” added Luc Bretones, EVP Orange Technocentre and Orange Vallée. “We are proud to offer this feature to our subscribers, combining perfectly TV and social networks for a genuine multi-screen experience”.

About the GLOMO awards : The GSMA’s Global Mobile Awards (The Glomo Awards) recognize and celebrate all contributions made to the evolving and developing mobile industry. These awards encourage and support entries which grow and enhance the mobile eco-system and advance the value of mobile communications with noticeable benefits to the wider industry.


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