Why radio stations MUST start using video: new eBook

By Matthieu Loreille on June 07, 2019


For the first time ever, radio stations are beginning to use video to complement their audio output on a big scale.

Why are radio stations using social and OTT video at all, and how is it helping them?

Over the past twenty years, we have seen an unprecedented change in the way the public consumes media. The television, film, music and print journalism industries have all been disrupted enormously, and business models have changed dramatically. Consumers want these media provided to them on demand and on a wide range of devices – and companies that have failed to change have very often disappeared or been swallowed up by competitors.

However, until now, radio has largely avoided this disruption – continuing to broadcast to kitchens, car stereos and cafeterias around the world in much the same way it has done for decades. Nevertheless, the digital revolution is starting to affect radio too.

Radio, social and digital

Today, most radio stations broadcast over both digital and analogue bands. However, some of the most advanced stations are also beginning to produce video as part of their output too – and it is having a significant impact on their audience size. For example, one French radio station that produces video had:

  • A 3% increase in new listeners
  • 280 million views of its videos in one year
  • A growth in new, younger listeners

While there’s no doubt that quality programming was of course essential, the production of video also contributed to this growth in engagement. Producing video as part of a radio station’s output introduces so many opportunities:

  • It lets stations repurpose and reuse content
  • Increases the ROI on content as it is watched and listened to again
  • Introduces new ways of promoting the radio station, its DJ’s and its guests
  • Allows clips to go viral
  • Creates a whole new channel for video advertising revenues


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So, why are these radio stations using video, what impact is it having, and how are they producing and sharing all this content?

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