What's New at Zype & Wildmoka: December Product Updates

By Matt Moore on December 13, 2023

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We're focused on building the most comprehensive end-to-end video infrastructure platform available to help you increase engagement and monetization of content across all your streaming platforms. Read on for the latest product updates!

Wildmoka Clip Studio

Wildmoka Clip Studio

Expanded YouTube audience & notification configuration

Wildmoka Clip Studio now supports extended control for publishing videos to YouTube without leaving the Clip Studio interface. Users now have the ability to configure audience settings, such as if a video is for kids, as well as notifications settings, such as if all subscribers should be notified.

SimpleCast integration for podcasting

Clip Studio now supports native publishing of audio content to the  SimpleCast and Acast podcast platforms.

Dalet Galaxy integration for story publishing

Our new integration enables Dalet Galaxy users to publish clean stories with their metadata directly to Wildmoka Clip Studio, from which the aspect ratio and graphics overlays are automatically adapted to multiple digital outputs. Stories that are created for your newscast are also re-versioned and distributed to your O&O and social platforms.

Sports automation: college football & basketball

Clip Studio's Storybot is Backlight's AI/ML-based automation tool, enabling the creation and distribution of an infinite variety of near-live clips and highlight reels. Increasingly adopted by leagues, federations, and broadcasters, it now supports NCAA Football and NCAA Basketball.

Zype Playout

Zype Playout

Dynamic content blocks

Dynamic Blocks are a new asset type that automates content curation based on defined rules, saving customers time and energy to program their Playout channel. With Dynamic Blocks, users can simply define metadata-driven rules for which content will play in a block every time it is programmed to the timeline. For example, a block could be configured to automatically sequentially play the next episode of a series each time the block is programmed. 

Automated scheduling rules

Scheduling Rules enable users to schedule recurring content to a Playout channel, automating the manual task of selecting assets and dropping them on the timeline. Scheduling Rules works like a standard Calendar app with configuration rules for recurring content, except instead of scheduling meetings, users schedule content to playback. Static videos and Blocks can be automatically scheduled, as well as Dynamic Blocks, which enable customers to create a more advanced scheduling strategy.

Together, Dynamic Blocks and Scheduling Rules enable Playout customers to fully automate the curation and scheduling of content to a Playout channel.

Asset prep usage tracking

Zype Playout customers can track the consumption of their entitlements associated with content packaging alongside all other usage metrics within Zype’s “Usage Report,” enabling them to understand better and monitor their resources.

Zype Apps Creator

Zype Apps Creator

Advanced Analytics for Apps

In addition to Apps Creator’s support for Google Analytics, our new Advanced Analytics for Apps release will give Zype Apps Creator customers the ability to view and track consolidated video content performance analytics from across all of their connected TV, mobile, and web apps.

Pushly push notification integration

Pushly is a push notification platform that works with publishers to generate push notification strategies to distribute content, boost subscriber retention, and drive revenue growth. This integration provides support for receiving Pushly mobile push notifications within apps, sent from within the Pushly dashboard, allowing Apps Creator customers using Pushly to drive more traffic to their mobile applications.

Arabic language app support

Apps Creator customers can now reach audiences in Arabic languages, with support for Arabic language app user interfaces, metadata, and video subtitles.

Facebook SDK attribution measurement integration

This update provides a way for customers to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns in driving app installs through Apps Creator reporting via Facebook SDK.


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