What's New at Zype: Video Apps Marketplace

By Chris Smith on April 13, 2018

We’re excited to announce our new Video Apps Marketplace experience, providing customers with access to the distribution endpoints and app marketplaces that Zype supports publishing on. This includes unlocking access to API and app keys, web embeddables and plugins, playthrough feeds, reference app templates and SDKs, and publishing guides for a number of marketplaces and endpoints. Zype's video apps marketplace will continue growing over time, please read on to learn more about where you can publish your videos today!


Which endpoints can I publish to with Zype?

Zype supports direct publishing to a number OTT endpoints through our video apps marketplace. Support includes:

Web : embeddables for quick integrations, WordPress plugin, and APIs for custom streaming website builds

Set-top apps : Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV

Mobile apps : iOS and Android Mobile

Playthrough & feed : MRSS feeds, Vewd, and Xumo

Custom : Through our endpoint API service, Zype supports flexible custom development and publishing to any number of video distribution endpoints that can accept API integrations

How does web publishing work on Zype?

Customers have a lot of options for easily publishing and distributing your video content on desktop and mobile websites. Zype's embeddables provide you with the quickest path to publish video on your website and start generating video views and revenue. These embeddables not only include support for branded HTML5 web players, but also SVOD and TVOD paywalls, account management widgets, and more. They cover all the use cases you need to turn your website into a powerful video streaming destination.


For customers who build and host their websites with WordPress, Zype also provides a powerful WordPress plugin that can be used to easily integrate videos and playlists onto WordPress websites using shortcodes. The WordPress plugin can be unlocked and accessed in our video apps marketplace.

For custom website integrations such as fully customized paywalls, login and signup flows, playlist and video integrations, you can use Zype's endpoint API service. A custom web app API key can also be unlocked through Zype's video apps marketplace.

How does set top & mobile app publishing work on Zype?

For set-top marketplaces such as Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV, or mobile marketplaces like iOS and Android Mobile, Zype provides reference app templates that have been coded and ready to submit for publishing with minimal development.

For set-top apps, Zype provides easy to use configuration tools to manage your branding, select content, and perform light customization. At the end of these configuration flows, we provide you with a code-complete app bundle, along with app publishing guides, which you can use to submit your respective app to each marketplace.

For mobile apps, Zype provides fully developed SDKs which can be configured with minimal development effort and then submitted to app marketplaces using our app publishing guides.

How does playthrough & feed-based publishing work on Zype?

Zype provides you with pre-configured playthrough feeds for the Vewd and Xumo marketplaces that have been optimized to their feed specifications. Customers can easily select which content (based on playlists, categories, or content sources) to distribute, and then work with each marketplace to get content live.

Zype also provides a generic MRSS feed management service, which allows you to take content from your Zype account and generate an MRSS feed that can be used for distribution to anyone who accepts MRSS as a standard for ingestion. This unlocks a lot of flexible distribution options.

How does custom publishing work on Zype?


Zype’s endpoint API service gives you access to a flexible set of content, distribution, monetization, and consumer management APIs that can be used to create custom websites and app experiences, as well as integrations with distribution partners who ingest content via API.

How do I access the video apps marketplace?

We’re glad to hear you’re interested! Click here to access the video apps marketplace in the Zype platform. You’ll need a current Zype account that includes access to the video apps marketplace feature. If you don’t yet have access to the feature, please click to request access and a customer success manager will be in touch!

Have a question or comment about these new updates? Email me at csmith@zype.com!

Chris, Product Team @ Zype

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