What's New at Zype This Week: MRSS Sync, Playlist Relationships

By Chris Smith on January 16, 2018

2017 was a big year for Zype! We released many new features, made improvements to our platform performance, and added lots of new API endpoints. We’re excited to kick off 2018 with a few new updates below!

MRSS Sync Interval

If you are importing your content via Zype’s MRSS import tool, you now have the ability to manage the sync interval. Today you have the choice of syncing your content on an hourly or daily basis.

Why it's useful

This new interval provides you the flexibility to control how often your content is imported into Zype from your MRSS feed. This control allows you to distribute your content to your consumers as quickly as possible through any device.

How does it work?

This new field is added to the same MRSS import workflow you already know and love. Just head over to the Import and Upload section, select ‘Import from MRSS’, add your Import name, URL, etc. Near the bottom of the page, you’ll see a ‘Sync Interval’ drop-down menu. From there, you can choose either a daily or hourly sync.


Active/Inactive Playlist Relationships

If you need to know whether a Playlist is active or inactive while deciding your playlist structure, you no longer need to navigate back to the Playlists page. You’ll be able to see active state right in the ‘Manage Relationships’ section. This is useful for when you’re managing playlist relationships and need to make sure all playlists you’re adding for distribution are active.


Improved Introduction Pages for Categories and Playlists

If you’ve never created playlists or categories to organize your content, Zype now includes an introductory section to each respective page that defines what the feature is, how to use it to structure your content, and provides you with the corresponding documentation in our Help Center to get you started.

Why it’s useful

These introductory sections are there to help you decide if you want to add categories or playlists to your workflow and how you should think of them as assets to your content distribution strategy. This page is especially helpful for new customers, or those that have not yet created a workflow within Zype.



Improved Zype Live Cloud Encoder Manager

Zype Live includes live cloud encoder support, so you can optimize delivery of your live stream. Zype Live’s encoder manager makes it easy for you to turn your encoders on and off as you need them. We’ve now made managing these encoders more robust and useful by providing lots of detailed information regarding the status of your live stream.

Why it's useful

When using your cloud encoder manager you can now view more granular information for each encoder provisioned for your account, including the encoder’s region, incoming stream connection status and bitrate, and outgoing stream bitrate. These details allow you to quickly assess root cause for live streaming issues and optimize your incoming and outgoing streams for QoE.


Subscription API Updates

Zype is continuing to improve our API endpoint capabilities. We’ve recently added a new API endpoint to Subscriptions for those customers using a third-party CMS. We now support setting subscription start and end periods via API.

Why it’s useful

This new API update allows you to more easily leverage your own third-party CMS for subscription plan management, while still tracking data and enabling paywall access through Zype.

Read more on how to use this API through our developer portal.

Manage Video and Playlist Thumbnails via API

We’ve included an update to both our Video and Playlist APIs so you now have the ability to add custom thumbnails to both videos and playlists via API.

Why it's useful

This API update gives you the control to customize your playlist and video thumbnails efficiently using simple calls to Zype.

Learn more about this update by visiting our Playlist and Video API documentation.

Want to share your thoughts on this product update? Shoot me an email at csmith@zype.com

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