VOD Webinar - Build and Monetize Linear TV with Playout 2.0

By John Yacano on September 27, 2021

On Demand Webinar Now Available: Build and Monetize Linear TV with Playout 2.0


Playout 2.0 is now available to the general public! 

Playout allows content owners to create a lean back viewing experience of “always on” linear video channels with real time analytics to optimize video streams for maximum engagement and monetization. 

To illustrate the power of Playout, we’ve recorded the following webinar: Build and Monetize Linear TV with Playout 2.0, where we showcase the intuitive tools designed to make operating playout a breeze such as drag-and-drop scheduling, easy ad-break setup and insertion capabilities, and flexible distribution destinations, all accessible from a user-friendly interface. 

Here’s a quick preview of what to expect during the webinar:

Register here anytime to access the full webinar, and of course, if you are interested in getting a personal demo of Playout 2.0, you can request one right here on our website. 

Connect your video with viewers, everywhere.