VOD Webinar - How to Get Started Streaming with Zype X

By John Yacano on January 27, 2022

Watch On Demand: How To Get Started Streaming with Zype X


While it’s true content is still king, having the right distribution strategy for your video content has never been more important. In today’s creator economy, lots of creators and aggregators are building extensive libraries of watchable videos, but when it comes to distributing that content to the masses, where does one even begin?

Zype X was designed to offer content owners a frictionless way to start hosting, managing and distributing video content to quickly grow reach and revenue. As our entry-tier package offering, Zype X offers a low-commitment, risk-free way to grow your video business using Zype’s best-in-class streaming infrastructure. With Zype X, we give you access to the suite of enterprise-grade tools and capabilities you need to set up a successful streaming infrastructure:

  • Easily manage your video library and subscribers with our intuitive CMS and CRM
  • Set up live or on-demand streaming to web platforms
  • Gain insight to performance with sophisticated video analytics and first-party data
  • Take advantage of unlimited cloud storage
  • Set up video paywalls to start monetizing your content
  • Access to our award-winning support team

Recently, Zype’s very own Marcel Henneghan conducted a platform walkthrough of the Zype X Video CMS product offering. During the presentation, Marcel walks through the benefits of the Zype X platform, detailing how to ingest, manage, and distribute your video content at scale.

You can watch the full presentation below:


If you're interested in getting started with Zype X, we offer a free 30-day trial for all new users. If you have any questions about Zype X or any Zype products, please contact us to speak directly with our sales team.


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