Zype’s Top 10 Features in 2017

By Chris Smith on December 28, 2017

As 2017 draws to a close, we wanted to take the time to reflect on our mission at Zype and ask ourselves - How have we made make it easier for our customers to launch and scale their video business? We discovered these were the features that our customers have used the most in 2017.


Our customer’s top priority is their audience, which is why Zype’s consumer management tools are so popular. These tools make it easy for customers to manage and serve their audience in the best way possible using granular subscriber and transaction-level detail that helps them better understand their audiences, where to find them and discover how they're engaging and purchasing content. Learn more about how audience management works, here>

Zype’s analytics is one of the most powerful features for customers because it gives them the insight they need to successfully grow their video business. Zype’s robust analytic dashboard helps customers understand how their audience is interacting with their video, from what device they’re using, where they’re located geographically, to how long they stay engaged. Discover all the data you can track with Zype’s analytics, here>>


Our customers love Zype Live because they can easily start broadcasting (and monetizing) premium live video to any endpoint in just minutes. No matter what device consumers use, Zype Live always delivers the best viewing experience and its multicasting capabilities can send simultaneous streams to multiple live providers like Facebook Live, YouTube, and Twitch. Find out more about how Zype Live works, here>>.


The goal for many of Zype’s customers is to expand their reach by going direct-to-consumer and publishing to their own OTT apps across web, set-top and mobile devices. Zype’s push-button flows make it easy to build and manage fully-branded apps across every OTT marketplace. Customers love that they can start building revenue quickly with integrated monetization features that enable subscriptions, purchase or rental, and bundled content passes. Learn more about managing apps with Zype, here>>/p>


Zype’s customers leverage playlist relationships to organize their videos into hand-curated collections that help them keep their audience engaged with fresh content. With this feature, you can control exactly how content is presented to viewers by creating a powerful hierarchy with multiple levels of category-based playlists within a nested structure. Learn more about how to manage playlist relationships, here>>/p>


Zype’s subscriber management tools are incredibly useful for the majority of our customers that run subscription video services. This feature makes it easy to view and manage all your subscriptions from a single dashboard. Here you can easily and quickly view all consumer activities, view any related analytics, in addition to viewing recent logins and any linked devices. Learn more about how to manage subscribers with Zype, here>>.

Categories are an essential structural component of customer’s content management. By organizing videos and playlists by genre, types, season, or series you can dynamically add any new videos to a playlist based on the matching category. Learn more about how to organize content with categories, here>>


We realize that every audience and brand is unique. Part of what makes Zype such a powerful tool for our customers is it’s flexibility to package, merchandise and sell videos in a way that makes the most sense for their content and audience. Whether it is a year, monthly or seasonal plan, you have complete control over the duration and price of every subscriber plan. Discover how easy it is to manage and create subscriber plans, here>>.


Last, but not least Zype’s redemption codes made the list because they are easy and effective marketing tools that customers leverage to scale their video business. These single-use codes give consumers access to designated premium content, whether it’s your entire video library, a specific playlist, or just an individual title. Once Zype generates a unique code, it’s up to you how to distribute it, redemption codes can be printed, emailed, or even embedded on your website. Check out the blog for the strategic ways customers leverage redemption codes.

While these features will continue to be the core features that help our customers grow their video businesses,  stay tuned as we share and release new features on the roadmap over the next year. We are more dedicated than ever to providing a video distribution software that helps you reach wider audiences, make more money, drive important decisions, and streamline operations. We can’t wait to help you make 2018 your most productive and profitable year yet!

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