The Wildmoka Story - Season 2 Official Trailer

By Catherine Cywinska on April 12, 2022

The Wildmoka Story - Season 2 Official Trailer

It’s the addictive story everyone’s talking about on digital - and a new season in the journey of Wildmoka begins today. Catch up on the adventure so far…


Wildmoka Season 1 recap

Season 1 Ep.1 - “House of Clips” - 2013
We’re back in 2013, and the Wildmoka adventure is just beginning. At the time, broadcasters were mainly still focussed on their linear TV output, but started to be seduced by social media giants’ promise to extend their customer reach and monetization opportunities.

It suddenly became important to be able to slice and dice their live TV content into multiple seconds-long clips and publish them to various social media channels. To stay relevant and engaging on social media, broadcasters knew they needed to make content available immediately, as it happened, in near real-time.

This was the beginning of the Wildmoka success story, orchestrated by its two founding members, Cristian Livadiotti and Thomas Menguy. By providing broadcasters with the ability to create and distribute clips at speed and scale, Wildmoka soon became the platform of choice for leading broadcasters around the world.


Season 1 Ep. 2 - “La Casa de Streaming” - 2018
By 2018, the technical barriers to delivering content over the top, on digital, had mostly disappeared, and broadcasters decided to recenter their digital strategy toward their own direct-to-consumer OTT platforms. They began leveraging social media networks to entice viewers into their own environments.

This evolution opened-up new possibilities, including the opportunity to bypass linear TV’s limitations. For example, France Televisions was able to maximize tennis fans' experience - and the commercial value of their sports rights - by streaming live 100% of the Roland-Garros tennis tournament’s 841 games (learn more). In order to deliver 16 concurrent live streams to their OTT platform (one per tennis court), France Televisions could rely on the Wildmoka platform.

With broadcaster-grade SLAs and its cloud-native nature, Wildmoka allowed broadcasters to scale-up and down as needed, just for the time of an event.

Wildmoka soon became the de facto choice for covering hyper-scale events on digital - including the 2020 Olympic Games, where 45 live streams were handled simultaneously on Wildmoka for one major broadcaster.


Season 1 Ep. 3 - “Charlie & the Digital Media Factory” - 2020
By 2020, all broadcasters had launched their own OTT platform. However, many remained fairly basic. They could offer linear TV programs streamed live on OTT and a couple of videos (e.g., match summaries). These platforms were basically providing a TV experience on mobile.

However, this approach was simply not enough and was letting viewers down. It lacked:
1. The possibility to watch 100% of the content live (i.e. not limited to what is streamed on TV);
2. Adequate diversity of video formats: short clips for the best moments, longer highlight reels such as game summaries, best of player highlights, ‘best of’ goals, or entire replays - if people had time for it;
3. Content in various formats, languages and storytelling styles to match target audiences and devices;
4. User interaction to make the content more engaging: e.g. polls, surveys, or live streaming extended experience such as those delivered by the Canal+ expert mode (learn more).

To win on digital and provide the best possible OTT and social media experience to connected fans, Wildmoka evolved to become a comprehensive Digital Media Factory that allows broadcasters to create and publish content from ANY SOURCE to ANY DESTINATION, in ANY FORMAT, at SPEED and at SCALE.

Wildmoka extended its offering with a series of AI/ML-based solutions, including the StoryBot (to automate content creation) and Auto ReZone (to make video responsive to any aspect ratio, and to enable a mobile-first experience).

Major media organizations embraced the Wildmoka Digital Media Factory to support some of the biggest media events across multiple geographies. For instance, Discovery-Eurosport used the Digital Media Factory to maximize their rights when covering the Tokyo and Beijing Olympics across 14 of the countries they operate in (learn more).


Season 2 - The next chapter, forming the Magnificent 5!

At the beginning of the next stage of its journey, Wildmoka is excited to announce that it joined Backlight, a new media technology holding company funded with over $200M from leading growth equity firm, PSG. This is a major opportunity that will further boost Wildmoka’s already very successful trajectory.


Season 2 Ep.1. - “The Magnificent 5” - 2022
Wildmoka’s Digital Media Factory is now receiving all the power it needs to significantly accelerate its roadmap of innovations, its partner ecosystem integration, as well as its international footprint - with one objective in mind: helping broadcasters and rights owners to further streamline their digital and broadcast workflows.

As a member of Backlight, Wildmoka will be joined by four other fast-growing media technology brands: Celtx, iconik®, ftrack, and Zype - hence forming the Magnificent 5.

Wildmoka will continue to operate as independently as we always have, and our leadership team will remain unchanged but we will also belong to a larger organization, aiming to provide a complete portfolio of award-winning products for video content ideation, production, post-production, distribution and analysis. This extended coverage will allow Wildmoka to further enrich its Digital Media Factory - and the entire Wildmoka team can’t wait to make it happen. Stay tuned!




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