Apps, Apps, and More Apps: Zype's Recent Market Place Additions

By Chris Smith on October 18, 2016

The past couple of weeks have been all about creating apps and helping customers unleash their content into the world. We are at 130 apps in the wild and counting. Some of the most recent notable app launches include Global Citizen , Crunch Fitness , Shout! FactoryTV , Star Talk and Whitetail TV .


Sing It Far And Wide, For A Great Cause


Global Citizen is a social action platform that seeks to solve the world’s most pertinent problems. You may have heard of the 2016 Global Citizen Festival, where Rihanna , Kendrick Lamar and Metallica performed. Well, Zype actually powered the live streaming for the whole event, and we’re also helping bring Global Citizen to OTT. You can currently watch the GC team change the world on Roku, Apple TV and AFTV.

Held in New York City’s Central Park (on the massive Great Lawn), the festival hosted 60,000 kind, caring and excited fans-rocking out and getting down for a great cause. The goal? To end extreme poverty by 2030.

The Sweet Scent Of Sweat


Crunch Live is finally everywhere you are, to handle your workout needs. With these brand new OTT endpoints and affordable membership prices, you can work out in the comfort of your own home. Catch a wide variety of workout routines focusing on strength and flexibility on the newly launched AFTV channel, Roku and Apple TV apps .

Did we mention Shape, OWN, Style , and Women’s Health have all featured Crunch Live? They did. Originally a chain of brick-and-mortar gyms that made fitness fun and created a non-judgmental environment, health-enthusiasts all over can now fit a Crunch workout into the tightest of schedules from home.

Shout! Factory TV Has A New Home!


Shout! Factory TV has just launched on Apple TV! The distribution service makes timeless, and culture-defining content accessible. From TV series to films of all genres, it’s all on their OTT endpoints. Also, be sure to notice the amazing artwork across the seasons.


Science For The Masses

We are honored that StarTalk Radio, an iTunes Best of 2014 and 2015 podcast hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson and affiliated with the Emmy-nominated National Geographic series StarTalk, has selected Zype to power its new subscription video on demand (SVOD) network.

StarTalk All Access is now live on AFTV and Roku. Home to “everything under the universe” and all things science, pop culture, and comedy, StarTalk has content hosted by popular figures like Bill Nye the Science Guy , Dr. Carolyn Porco , Dr. David Grinspoon and Dr. Mike Massimino .


Be Very, Verrrrry Quiet

If you’re looking to experience the thrill of the hunt, you’re a fan of Midwest Whitetail , the first online hunting show that is filmed as close to live as possible. The channel just launched on AFTV, bringing the excitement of the hunt to as many homes as possible.

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