Learn how to orchestrate your Live sports digital video production at Sportel

By Raflin Sarkisyan on October 16, 2018


Gone are the days when the only way to enjoy live sports was live TV. There now is a clear demand from digital enthusiasts for more immersive ways to follow sports events where immediacy, brevity and ability to share are the key.

To bridge the gap between professional editorial processes and the split-second pace of social media, we have developed a strong focus on automation.

Wildmoka has the fastest turn around edit and publish service that perfectly integrates with your existing workflow to enable you to assemble and publish live content instantly on multiple platforms, while optimizing editorial effort, reaching new audiences and tapping into new monetization models. Our platform could allow you to ramp up your digital content creation by automating certain parts of it (vertical and horizontal cropping, templetizing your brand assets, speech-to-text editing etc.).

If you want to take a step further, we could also discuss our beIN SPORTS case study and demo how we helped them power their mobile service by automatically extracting, tagging and publishing clips to be the first ones to offer their subscribers near live access to the best in-game highlights. 
With the start of the 3rd season of our collaboration, more than 600 matches have been covered already, generating more than 75,000 hot football moments and providing subscribers with personalized updates and summaries matching their own personal preferences.

We would love to meet you there and discuss how we could help you reinvent your fans’ digital experience! Get in touch today to book a meeting via the button below: 

 About Sportel

SPORTEL is the most influential business convention for the global sports media industry. Top level executives representing broadcasters, networks, international sports federations, sports and marketing agencies, production companies, content distributors, right owners, satellite providers, technology and new media providers meet twice a year at SPORTEL.

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