Orange selects Wildmoka to add social experience to its TV content

By Cristian Livadiotti on July 18, 2018


TV consumption is changing. Viewers want to engage with the content they loved, replay it & share it with their friends. Orange, the historic French operator and one of the most important industry players in Europe, leads the response to to this need, and selects Wildmoka’s Moments solutions to socialize its TV content.

To that end, the new Orange set-top box will support Wildmoka’s SDK. It will allow end-users to clip a short moment of their choosing from a live content and share it with their friends on social networks, in real-time.

This is the solution where everybody wins. The operator enjoys greater use, and the consumer can interact with its favorite content.

This innovation was showcased on March 16th during the Show Hello, the most important event organized by Orange.

Orange TV Clipping par orangepartner

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