Monetize Simply with Playlists

By Chris Bassolino on December 20, 2016

With Zype, monetization is easy. We truly believe that you should profit from your hard work and content in any way you want, so we provide multiple monetization methods: SVOD, TVOD, AVOD or a hybrid. Now, because curation can be just as important as the content itself, Zype lets you monetize complete playlists.



Easily. Simply go to the desired playlist via the Zype platform. You should see the monetization option at the top.


You can then monetize your playlists the same way you monetize your individual videos: through ads, transactions and rentals. If enabled, playlist monetization also supports pass plans and redemption codes.

Have free content in the playlist bundle? No problem. Viewers will only be prompted to sign in/ purchase if the video they’ve selected is monetized. This allows you to keep your free content free, but also stress the importance of watching the whole playlist.


What’s the point of monetized playlists when you can just monetize each video individually? Well, it’s kind of like buying a single episode vs. an entire season; viewers don’t want to go through the hassle of buying each individual episode when you know you want to watch the whole thing.

So Zype can apply this to collections, in playlists.

Think about it. If you create your videos with the intention of being viewed consecutively, or completely, would viewers really get the full effect if they only watched one? It’s kind of like reading the first half off a book or only looking at the top of a painting. It disrupts your art. Enabling playlist monetization not only makes it easier for viewers to access your content, but also lets them know that the playlist was intentional and is part of the viewing experience. Nowadays, offering content is only half the battle; curation enables discovery and promotion-- especially if the content is bundled together, and purchased as a whole.


Check out how Havoc TV implemented a playlist monetized with advertising, and tell us it isn’t awesome!

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