How to Repurpose a Live Content Stream to Digital

By Kelly Messori on August 16, 2023

Live video content has become an increasingly popular and effective way for businesses to connect with their audiences. With the rise of social media and online platforms, live videos offer a unique opportunity to engage with customers in real-time, build brand awareness, and drive sales. 

However, simply broadcasting live video is not enough. To truly maximize the value of live video content, businesses need a strategy to repurpose it and increase the value it creates over its lifetime. 

This article will delve deeper into repurposing live content, including how you can do it effectively, efficiently, and intuitively from a single platform.

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What is Repurposing Live Content?

Repurposing live content refers to taking an original live video and extending the value it drives by creating new, unique content that can be shared across different platforms and mediums. So rather than only reaping benefits from the live video at the time of its broadcast, businesses can realize other potential revenue streams post-event, maximizing their ROI. 

A popular way to repurpose livestream content is to break it down into smaller, bite-sized chunks that can be shared across social media. This might include creating short clips or highlights of the original live video which feature key moments, quotes, or insights. These shorter clips are perfect for platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, where shorter-form content tends to generate more traction. By repurposing live content for social media, businesses can reach new audiences which may not be their traditional target markets.

Another way to repurpose live content is to use it as the basis for written content such as a blog post, eBook, or infographic. This might involve taking the key insights and themes from the live video and turning them into a more detailed, written piece. This approach can be particularly effective for organizations that want to target audiences that prefer written content or may have missed the live video when it was broadcast.

Other ways to repurpose live video content include creating podcasts or webinars based on the original content, using it in email marketing campaigns, or repurposing it in paid advertising campaigns. 

These are just a handful of live content repurposing ideas to provide you with some food for thought about what’s possible. The bottom line is that the repurposing potential is endless, meaning your original live video can really work hard for your organization.

Benefits of Repurposing Live Content

Repurposing live video content can reap many benefits for businesses. Here are some of the main advantages:

Reach new audiences: Repurposing live content allows businesses to reach new audiences across different platforms and mediums. By breaking down the original video into smaller, more easily consumed pieces, organizations can make their content more attractive and accessible to a broader range of viewers.

Increase engagement: Shorter, more focused pieces of content tend to perform better on certain social media platforms where users have shorter attention spans — TikTok being the prime example. Providing the content is appealing and beneficial, there is a good chance it will enjoy decent engagement in likes, comments, and shares.

Improve SEO: Repurposing live events into written blog posts or articles can improve an organization’s search engine optimization (SEO) by providing more keyword-rich content for search engines to crawl and rank.

Save time and resources: Creating new content from scratch can be time-consuming and expensive, not to mention the skills required. By repurposing live video, businesses can get more value from their existing content without investing significant time or resources into creating something new.

Reinforce key messages: By repurposing live video content across different platforms and mediums, organizations can reinforce key messages and ensure that their branding is consistent across all their marketing channels.

Analyze performance: By repurposing live content across different platforms and mediums, businesses can also gather data and insights on how their content performs in different contexts. This can help them make more informed decisions about where to focus their marketing efforts and how to optimize their content for maximum engagement going forward.

Live Content Repurposing Challenges

Repurposing live content is not without its challenges, which is why any solutions that make the whole process more intuitive are so valuable. 

Here are some of the traditional obstacles businesses face when repurposing live content:

Limited editing options: Unlike pre-recorded video, live video does not allow much editing during the broadcast. This means that any mistakes or issues that crop up during the broadcast cannot be easily fixed, with the footage often requiring more extensive editing later on.

Time constraints: Repurposing live video can also be challenging due to time constraints. For example, live content streams are timely, and if a broadcaster wants to create summaries or near-live reels, time is of the essence.

Quality concerns: Live video may also present quality concerns, such as poor lighting or audio. These issues can make producing high-quality edited footage that meets the organizations’ standards more difficult.

How to Repurpose Live Content the Easy Way: Introducing Wildmoka

Wildmoka is a cloud-based video production platform that provides solutions for editing, clipping, and publishing live and pre-recorded video content across multiple platforms and devices. Wildmoka allows businesses to schedule, operate, edit, monetize, and hyper-distribute in real time using a simple and intuitive interface.

With Wildmoka’s 100% cloud-native platform, organizations can realize more value from their live content without making a significant capital expenditure (CapEx) investment. That’s because everything is handled in the cloud, so businesses don’t need to purchase new infrastructure.

Wildmoka's technology automates and simplifies video workflows, enabling broadcasters, sports leagues, and digital publishers to clip, edit, and re-distribute live content across all the mediums and platforms where their audiences hang out.

By leveraging Wildmoka, content owners can distribute their live content to any digital destination in just a few clicks, and it’s intuitive for even non-technical teams. Businesses can quickly and easily customize content for each distribution channel by adjusting camera selection, aspect ratios, overlays, graphics, ad insertion, and more.

With Wildmoka, businesses only need one platform for producing, repurposing, and multi-versioning live content in the right format for all global digital destinations.

Wildmoka high-level features and capabilities:

  • Complete end-to-end solution for multi-destination livestreaming management.
  • Create pop-up channels in seconds without technical skill.
  • Repurpose your livestream with graphics such as a brand or lower-third, and change the aspect ratio.
  • Insert slates, graphics, or dynamic ads to boost your monetization.
  • Schedule your livestreams, apply templates, and set metadata. Switch instantly to an alternative source or emergency slate.
  • Stream your livestreams simultaneously to various O&O, Social Media, FAST, or vMVPD destinations.

Repurpose Your Live Content with Wilkmoka

There’s a reason why broadcasters such as Fox Sports, NBC Sports, beIN SPORTS, LaLiga, and Eurosport choose Wildmoka for their live content repurposing needs. Find out more about why these brands use Wildmoka by reading our customer success stories.

Ready to start repurposing your live content and realizing new revenue streams? Contact Wildmoka today to see how easy it is to give your live content a new lease of life.


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