How to Leverage Social Media to Connect With Your Audience

By Chris Bassolino on September 17, 2018

TV and video viewers are able to make more choices than ever before about what they watch, where they watch it, on what device and through which channel. At the same time, many content-rich businesses are becoming video-driven. It’s one of the most impactful ways to communicate in today’s digital age. Increasingly, much of that content is now consumed through social media.

Print goes digital

Take print news organizations such as the New York Times or Wall Street Journal for example. Both news outlets have transformed from strictly print to multimedia companies with large banks of video content and clips, often recommended to site visitors on the homepage, but widely shared and viewed on Facebook and other social sites. This is Not surprising, since Fortune reported that 67 percent of American adults rely on social media for news.

Along those same lines, traditionally print magazines such as Cosmopolitan and  Teen Vogue have started to publish more and more video content for their teenage audiences. Much of this content is accessed through social channels such as Snapchat and Facebook. According to Social Media Today, Facebook generates more than 8 billion video views per day. It’s no surprise then, that publications like Teen Vogue are reportedly abandoning its print magazines and creating 100-percent digital content.

Live Participation

Another trend pushing video to the forefront is the ability for viewers to participate in any experience via streaming and video. The fitness world has had this down since the 80s, right? And that trend has only exploded with streaming services Obe, providing 500+ live workout classes that viewers can take at home — much easier to work into a busy daily schedule than driving to the gym, and at a lower cost. Today, there are streaming services for Broadway shows, music festivals, tech conferences, church services and nearly any kind of event you could imagine. And many times, these live events are also being multicasted to social platforms, like Facebook, YouTube and Periscope.

Let’s take a look at high school sports. Now, thousands of viewers can watch their favorite teams on Twitter. In partnership with Adidas, Twitter will stream one game per week beginning September 7th.  This isn’t the only example of social media companies teaming up with sporting events. In 2017, Facebook live streamed 46 Mexican soccer league games including playoffs and at least 22 Major League Soccer matches, as well as events from the World Surf League, the 2017 CrossFit events and UEFA Champions League matches.


These video-driven businesses now reach their viewers wherever they are by streaming to social channels.  Luckily, Zype makes that easy.

We provide the ability for video product teams  to easily stream content across all social media channels from one place, going live with multicasting where live broadcasts are sent simultaneously to the website and social platforms. With APIs for Facebook, YouTube and Periscope, we take care of the distribution so that our customers can focus on what they are good at — creating amazing and compelling video.

To learn more about how your business may benefit from using Zype to distribute content via social media, read, “Live Multicasting: How Content Owners can Leverage the Growing Popularity of Facebook Live, Periscope, YouTube Live and More.”

Connect your video with viewers, everywhere.