Quick and Easy Ways to Add Premium Video to Your Subscription or Membership Website

By Chris Smith on December 19, 2017

All kinds of media companies and brands have not only adopted a subscription or membership business model, they’re also incorporating premium video content on their website. From media personalities such as Neil deGrasse Tyson for StarTalk, to fitness franchises like Crunch Fitness to lifestyle brands like Kin Community, many companies are adding tons of value to their customer bases by showcasing premium video content as part of their business model.

In order to be successful in today’s evolving market, all brands must operate as multimedia companies. Video is a powerful medium for marketing and engagement and provides ongoing and added value for members and subscribers across any industry.

Zype’s easy-to-use tools enable video businesses, media personalities and multimedia brands to quickly launch and monetize their premium video content directly on their subscription or membership websites. Unlike free platforms like Youtube, Zype enables content owners to host, manage and organize their video library, then publish that live and VOD content, all from a single platform. The key difference is the ownership and control Zype provides these subscription services, with the flexibility to gate and monetize video using their own branded video player on their website without any revenue sharing.

It’s easier (and quicker) than you think to get started. Here are several simple ways you can add video to your website with Zype.

The fastest approach - use Zype's embeddable

Get to market quickly and start engaging with your audience right away. Zype's powerful embeddable widgets are the easiest way to start streaming your premium video content to any existing website.


Simply choose the video or playlist you’d like to stream on your website, click to generate an embed code, then copy and paste that code on any page of your website. Voila. You have a monetized (and custom branded) embeddable video player that gates access to content for subscribers only.

Embeddables are very easy to implement! The best part is you can start earning revenue immediately using the integrated paywall that supports all types of monetization including subscription, rentals and purchases right out of the box.

Get detailed step-by-step instructions, here>>

The customizable way - use Zype’s APIs


Although these customizations are harder to implement than the embeddable (as in they may require some dev work), they give you a lot of flexibility and ensure your subscribers have access to content. You can use APIs to sync your current users with Zype, add subscribers right from your web player and remove subscribers when they cancel.

Check out this article for a detailed guide on how to integrating these API’s and a full list of supported commands.

Zype’s APIs in Action: Crunch Fitness


The national fitness franchise, Crunch Fitness launched their subscription service CrunchLive to extend their services and give members access to streaming online workouts, anywhere and anytime. They partnered with Zype to publish their content to their website in addition to mobile and OTT apps across Roku, AppleTV and Amazon Fire TV. Since they were already using a CMS to manage their members, Crunch uses Zype’s APIs to import, manage and track their customer base right from the Zype platform.

Pssst Wordpress users….

If you are one of the 74+ million websites running on Wordpress, we’re working on a plugin so you can connect your website directly to your Zype account.  Stay tuned for the upcoming release!

The power of adding premium video to your website

The value and benefits of video are often overlooked, but extremely powerful. Incorporating premium video content into your membership or subscription website helps to provide ongoing value to your customers at every stage. Not only do your customers expect it,  but video content also helps you to attract and convert new customers, keeps your existing customers engaged for longer and reduces membership and subscription churn. Learn more about the benefits and value of video on your website, here.

Connect your video with viewers, everywhere.